shutterstock_224835070In San Antonio, Spring is officially in the air. You and your family are ready to start spending more time outdoors, and your backyard is an ideal place.

Spring is not just a time to clean, it’s also the best time to prepare for summer. Why wait until it’s over a hundred degrees to go out there and work on your deck? Instead, take advantage of this gorgeous weather and let’s get that deck ready for the summer.

5 Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Deck This Spring

You don’t have to tear down your deck and rebuild it to spruce it up. Here are some affordable things you can try to transform your old deck this spring, so it’s ready for the summer:

1. Re-Stain Your Deck

There are two main advantages to deck staining… it beautifies your wood deck, and it increases the life of the wood. Staining your deck protects it from warping or rotting. And, it comes in various colors, so it matches your wood’s color. When you re-stain your deck, you literally enhance its look, making it look almost new again.

2. Add Color to the Stain of Your Deck

Is wood the dominant feature of your deck? Well, you don’t have to go with traditional colors anymore. These days, there’s a wide array of darker hues and bright colors to choose from when staining your deck. For a simple method to deck staining, for with paint stain. There’s no primer needed, and it generally only requires one coat. It’s also cheaper than regular paint, which tends to peel or chip.

3. Extend Your Deck

Ever wondered why your deck has to be directly connected to your house? Well, it doesn’t. You can extend your deck by installing it away from the house, then install a walkway that stretches from the house to the deck. It will look amazing!

4. Try the Multi-Level Look for Your Deck

These are becoming very popular for larger yards. The deck features a visual break, which gives a look and feel of being in a separate outdoor room. As most homeowners know, “building up” gives you more square footage of “living space” without taking up more space on the property itself. Plus, the bottom of your deck will act as a roof for the lower level. So, you’re protected from sun glare and the spring rain.

5. Add Built-In Seating to Your Deck

Built-in seating for decks brings the entire project to life. It makes your deck look and feel more inviting, especially with a few indoor/outdoor throw pillows added to the décor. With built-in deck seating, there’s no need to worry about buying or maintaining patio furniture. Your deck furniture becomes a permanent fixture. All you have to do it stain it regularly, and it will always shine.

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