Nothing beats a relaxing evening in a hot tub during the fall. The climate is cool, the leaves are falling, and if you own a spa, the warm bubbles are soothing.

Bring in the fall by removing the summer decorations and adding beautiful fall colors. Here are some ways you can decorate your hot tub area to prepare for Fall.

Bring on the flowers

Beautiful, dynamic fall flowers only add to the visual appeal of any hot tub space. Try adding these fall flowers to liven your spa area.

  1. Perennial Sunflowers: These flowers add a lovely yellow color to your space
  2. Chrysanthemums: These Strong, durable plants are perfect for the fall and are in just about any color you desire.
  3. New England Aster: These beauties offer variety and can be found in blue, white, pink and green.
  4. Helenium: Adorn your space with yellows, oranges, and

Pumpkin Flower Pots

Get creative naturally. Instead of buying new fall flower pots, just use a pumpkin. Create your very own pumpkin flower pot by tracing a circle that is 1 inch larger than the flower pot. Cut where you traced and then remove the top half.

Empty out the inside of the pumpkin, and keep the seeds so you can roast them later!

Once you have completely cleaned out the pumpkin, add the flower container inside the pumpkin. Now you have successfully created a pumpkin flower pot. This is perfect to bring on the fall vibes!

Comfortable outdoor seating

Throw blankets and pillows added to your outdoor seating makes the experience much warmer and cozier for family and guests.

High style at a low cost

Design beautiful classic wooden boxes and fall gourds to add style and an autumn feel to your outdoor space. A simple wooden box can make a great home for chrysanthemums.

You can also use nature to create a unique look. Start by collecting some fallen leaves from your yard and use them as part of the décor on a table centerpiece or shelf.

Enhance the ambiance

Outdoor candles and proper lighting get you in the mood for a relaxing evening on your fall patio.

Choose candles that have a fall aroma and include hot tub aromatherapy fragrances like apple cinnamon and pumpkin pie to enhance the overall appeal.

Although Fall is already beautiful on its own, and a hot tub is a treat by itself, with a little effort, your backyard hot tub can become a wonderful getaway. Try these tips, or come up with some more of your own to help make your backyard your new home away from home.

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