shutterstock_403796992If you’re a patio owner, then you probably already know that simply having a patio isn’t quite enough — you’ll eventually need to do some maintenance and upkeep. After some number of years, your patio might even start looking rather shabby. If this is the case for your patio, fear not! You don’t need to break the bank replacing your entire patio. Instead, try these things to update your patio for less than one hundred dollars.

Decorative lighting

Simply stringing decorative lights of some sort can drastically change the ambience of your patio, especially in the evening. Try stringed lights with Edison bulbs for a really trendy option, making your old patio look far more up to date. Of course, this works best if you have some sort of pergola or other frame or shelter over your patio space. If you don’t, try out some decorative (and practical) glass lanterns instead.

Umbrella update

If you already have an umbrella, you might want to look into replacing it with a new, brightly designed one for a fresh new look. If you don’t have an umbrella or another form of shelter from the sun, it could be time to get one. Umbrellas are an excellent addition because they not only create a freshened up look for your patio space, but they also make the area more practical to enjoy on hot summer days. And what better way to liven up a space than to actually live in it once in a while?

Add accessories

It’s easy to think about adding accessories to something to brighten it up, but what kinds of accessories work well for a patio? Obviously, you can’t always add in the same accessories that you might put into an indoor room to make it look updated. One good way to accessorize a patio is by adding strategically placed potted plants. The key with plants is not actually what type of plant you are growing, but rather what the pot itself looks like. Several matching pots of various sizes can be a nice way to bring a patio’s design together.

Freshen up your furniture

Another way of updating your patio is adding in some new, distinctly designed furniture, such as the chairs, tables, or ottomans that can work as either one. The thing about patio furniture is that, after a certain amount of time, it always ends up looking old. This is because of the sun-fading and other weather conditions that come with being outside. For that reason, simply replacing everything can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your patio.

If you have outdoor chairs that use seat cushions, you can also change up the seat cushions (which shouldn’t cost much at all), or adding some on seat cushions to chairs that don’t already have it. If the seat cushions or new furniture items are significantly different from what you had out there before, it will feel more updated and freshened up than ever.


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