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Is your deck cracking and growing mold? Do you fear for your kids when they play outside because of the old, dangerous deck? This is a valid concern, and many people start to realize that their deck is in need of a renovation or a complete change. Decks help you experience the world outside and […]

One of the things that most people look forward to doing when they have a grill space is entertaining. If you’re planning a grill space and looking to do some serious backyard entertaining, here are some prep ideas that make your space welcoming to your entourage. Grills The grill – the centerpiece of the outdoor […]

If you have a patio, you probably associate it with additional, unnecessary costs. That is not accurate, however, for everyone. In fact, even people who want to update their patios or make them look cleaner and more modern don’t have to pay a fortune. Just a few changes will make your patio look fresh and […]

Most people want a deck as a place to unwind. They want a space that is their place to come to when they want to get away. There are so many ways to accomplish this. Whereas a deck space might start as planks of wood that jet out from the common space of your home, […]

Whether you are looking for cheap DIY decoration ideas or a bigger investment to really spice things up for the fall, decorating your deck or patio for the fall season doesn’t have to be difficult! You can use just one or two changes to give it a completely different feel, or you can cover it […]

When it comes to dogs (or any pet, for that matter), they love to hang out outside. If you have a patio that keeps you cool during the summer, your dog will likely want to join you.  Whether you are renovating your current patio or have plans to develop one, you are going to want […]

Although a gazebo in your backyard may only seem like a summer investment, it is, in fact, a relevant element of property to have in any season throughout the year. The key is simply to decorate it in such a way that it always fits in with its surrounding season. So what are some ways […]

Having a deck is nice in theory, but the fact of the matter is that if you haven’t kept it up-to-date and fully functional, it’s unlikely that you get to use it much at all. If this sounds like you, it is probably high time to update your deck. Let’s look at some of the […]

Anyone in San Antonio knows that the weather is as predictable as the lottery – the sun can be out at one point in the day and then ten minutes later, the sky can break out in torrential rain. As unpredictable as the weather in San Antonio can be, it is also very diverse. From […]

As it heats up, the shorts go on and the grilling season starts. As it gets into full swing, it is important to understand that as exciting as grilling is, there are dangers that can have enormous consequences if not heeded. Here are some tips to make your grilling season a happy and safe time […]