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To understand what types of plants and flowers will thrive in San Antonio, you have to understand San Antonio’s climate first. San Antonio is an area with mild springs and summers plagued with dry heat. An occasional drought is not uncommon for the San Antonio region, but in contrast, San Antonio can flood to the […]

Nearly all gardeners get stoked when spring approaches. Finally, the weather is just right to not only enjoy outdoor activities, but it is also perfect for gardening.  As you prepare to enjoy the afternoon on your patio or deck, make sure your garden is ready as well. When is the best time? While there really […]

Do you love the outdoors but hate some of what comes with it? For example, do the warmer months have you fighting off bugs and smothering heat while the cooler months leave you longing for the indoors? Maybe it’s not your comfort you are concerned about. If you have plants, you want to make sure […]

People have enjoyed the numerous benefits of gazebos since ancient times in history. From the United States to Asia, Greece and Egypt, they have been used for many reasons, including:   a beautiful addition to a garden a peaceful place for meditation a part of temple worship reading a romantic evening outdoors an opportunity to […]

When homeowners decide to use concrete for their patio or other outdoor landscaping, they most likely are hoping that it will be more durable and usable for longer than some of the other similar alternatives. The reality is, concrete is exposed to all of the extreme elements your area’s climate brings — so there is […]

So, you’ve decided you want an outdoor kitchen? Perhaps you are a summer lover and also a good cook, or you’d like to encourage both family time and more outdoors time. This outdoor time does not have to be seasonal, however; no, the days of a summer-only outdoor kitchen are over. Nowadays you can use […]

Have you ever thought about getting an outdoor kitchen for your San Antonio home? hey are starting to become more and more popular, because San Antonio residents are realizing that they can do so much more with an outdoor kitchen than they can with a regular deck or patio. San Antonio decks and patios are […]

Having nice, cozy furniture is a must if you want your outdoor living experience to be satisfying.  The right outdoor furniture could have you and your family spending time outdoors on a regular basis. Enjoying this experience also means you have to take good care of the furniture, so it last a long time and […]

Picking the right time to stain your deck is important because stripping and staining a deck isn’t easy work. Rain, heavy winds and, of course, snow, can create all kinds of problems, if you care about your deck, you’ll not only want to do it correctly, you’ll also want to do it at the right […]