shutterstock_225103282The San Antonio Express News released a fine article about the horror stories that many people encounter when they hire a contractor for work on their home or office. It’s not all that uncommon to hear about these stories, considering many companies are not always run that smoothly. The article explains how San Antonio is known as an area with sketchy contractors, making it more important to do your research and understand which ones are contractors who have been around for a while. This particularly applies when you are getting a new deck or patio in San Antonio. These projects are quite expensive, and you will end up losing all your money if you go with a contractor who is a scam or who has little to no experience.

Overall, the primary goal is to avoid sketchy contractors all together. Let’s look at some of the things you want to avoid when working with contractors for your deck, patio or anything in your home or office.


Don’t Pay Anything Upfront

Once a contractor starts asking you for money upfront you should run. No legitimate contractor wants money upfront, because they need to prove that they are worth your money before receiving anything. It’s OK to pay a little chunk of money, but only once the job has started. Some companies ask for a deposit when half of the work is done, but otherwise you should avoid this at all costs.


Look for Free Consultations

Free consultations mean that the business knows how to work with customers. If any company asks you for money just to get the ball rolling then they probably don’t have enough cash flow to keep their company going through the next few months. Make sure you keep the money in your pockets until the job is done.


Make Sure The Company Has an Extensive Portfolio

Portfolios are great, but they are also easy to fake. See if the contractors have showrooms or if they have any jobs in which they have completed in the area. This way you can walk to your neighbor’s house and see what their experience was with the contractor. Once you see what is in the portfolio you can then move onto to other questions. It’s not always the easiest route, but see if you can talk with the other person to understand how they like their deck or patio. This is usually your best bet for feedback, since it it coming directly from people who have tested your strategies.


Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about avoiding a deck and patio contractor horror story. Share your thoughts if you have been in one of these terrible situations.

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