shutterstock_131410067It is winter time in the United States and, while most people are thinking about keeping warm, there are some excellent features for your yard that can change your entire winter outdoor experience. After all, just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a breathtaking, peaceful backyard scenery.

There are a number of lovely water features that work well for the wintertime. Even something as simple as adding the right type of outdoor lighting around your water feature can give it an enchanting vibe, regardless of what time of year it is. Many people only think of using water features during the warmer months, but water can be enjoyed during the wintertime as well.

Imagine how gorgeous it would be to see the lovely art from beautifully molded ice crystals that don water features during the really cold months. With all the different type of water features on the market, you really can find a variety of breathtaking fixtures that will work splendidly for you during the winter.

Water Features in the Winter

With water features that have natural stones and rocks, during very cold fronts ice will form on the stone boulders and crystalize into beautiful icicles. It is a lovely sight to behold and makes for a very pleasant view from your house and to walk around when it’s warm enough.

Winter Fountainscapes

Fountains and small ponds will create a thread of ice dripping as the stream of water freezes in place. The appearance of this alone can make this type of feature even more appealing in the winter than it is in the spring, summer, or fall!

Commercial Fountainscapes

Not only can winter fountains be found in many private backyards, but they can also be found in front of a variety of businesses’ buildings. This is commonly done because it can really bring life to the overall aesthetics of the building. It can create a very inspirational feeling as you approach your place of work or other activity.

Nature and Water Features

While the crystallized look of frozen water is a beauty, some people prefer flowing water instead. You can run your water features with heat, which easily prevents the water from freezing over. Some people prefer the sound of water flowing more than anything else, and this will work well to maintain that aspect of the ambiance as well.

Backyard Ponds

Ponds make for delightful features during any time of year. If you leave in a region of the world where it snows in the winter, however, the pond can be an especially pleasant feature. The snow can cover the entire pond or just surround it along the edges, both of which can be beautiful to behold.


Fountainscapes can be a joy to experience during the spring, summer, fall and winter — it is simply a feature to enjoy all year round. The sounds and appearance are a pleasure to the senses. There are various forms of fountainscapes found in different locations that, in their own way, help to bring light and warmth to the cold winter months.

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