When most people think of patios, they visualize a winding wooden patio. This may have been in style a decade or two ago, but in the landscaping world, things have changed. Concrete patios are now being preferred over wooden patios due to their durability, strength and design versatility. And, here in San Antonio, Texas, where weather can be a bit harsh, these are the qualities homeowners need in a patio.

5 Reason to Install a Concrete Patio in Your San Antonio Home

Using long-lasting material for your patio helps increase your property’s value. However, making sure it’s stylish and looks good improves your home’s comfortability. Here are five benefits of using concrete of your home’s patio material:

1. The Most Durable

Concrete is extremely durable. It is the perfect material for building a patio. No amount of weight can break a patio made of concrete. Bring on the grills, heavy patio furniture and anything else you can think of… and enjoy!

2. Requires Little Upkeep

Concrete can survive even the harshest weather conditions due to its strength. You will not have to wash it with anything but water and soap. And, won’t have to try to protect it from rain, snow, extreme heat or even hurricanes.

3. You Can Mold Concrete into Any Style

Creating a concrete patio starts with concrete in liquid form. This means that you can create any shape you want, as long as you have the mold. If you are building a patio with wood, you will be limited only to shapes you can cut the wood into or carve.

4. Many More Decorative Patio Options

If you decide to create a concrete patio in your home, you have many decorative options. You can choose to use colored or stamped concrete or both. Colored concrete is created by adding color to concrete through stains, dyes or other chemical agents.

Stamped concrete is created by stamping the concrete after it is poured and still in its liquid state. Furthermore, if you already have a concrete patio that is stamped, it can be resurfaced with additional concrete to change its appearance.

5. Concrete Cracks are Simple to Fix

Although concrete is an incredibly strong material, it can be cracked in places where the temperature is cool. In warm climates, you probably won’t find any cracks, however, if temperatures go below freezing, this will cause the concrete to contract, causing cracking.

However, cracks in concrete are very easy to fix. Many people can fix cracks themselves by pouring additional cement in the cracks with materials purchased at their local hardware store.

Customizing Your Concrete Patio Design

The cost of creating a concrete patio can vary depending on size and style. A simple concrete patio design usually includes one coloring or stamping element. A custom design concrete patio is a little more and may include two to three different colors, or a specialty colored border.

The most elaborate type of concrete patio can include borders, designs, and hand colored concrete tiles. You can even create a concrete patio centered around your plant life to better integrate it into your yard.

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