So you want to get a gazebo in your yard to give your kids a nice place to play or to sit outside and enjoy a game of cards on a warm evening? Where do you start? You’ll want to hire a contractor, but why spend money on a gazebo when you don’t know what […]

decorative red brick concrete

Is your concrete driveway, walkway or patio looking old and boring? Are there weeds growing between the cracks or are there too many stains you can’t get out? It might be time for you to consider getting decorative concrete or stained concrete. These options are there to protect your concrete from contaminants and to make […]

nightmare girl

Finding a contractor to build your patio can be a challenging task that few homeowners want to undertake. Besides having to decide what type of patio to purchase, you also have to hire a competent patio builder. For many homeowners, that proves to be the harder of the two. There are many tips online about […]

outdoor gazebo

Gazebos are often considered a luxury that are not necessary for a standard home. Is there any reason to spend more money on a gazebo when you already spent a significant portion of your savings on other housing components such as a deck or roofing? Absolutely. Gazebos don’t seem practical at first, but they offer […]