Are you considering ways to improve the appearance of your business? Decorative concrete is the most reasonable choice. It is also inexpensive and long-lasting.

Just about everyone is searching for the best bang for their buck, regardless of what they are in the market for these days. When it comes to outdoor projects, River City Deck and Patio of San Antonio, Texas knows that decorative concrete is always a way to add value. This is something people in the decorative concrete line of work refer to as “value engineering.”

What is Value Engineering?

Value engineering focuses on maintaining the fundamental purpose regardless of any desired value enhancements. This includes better results from the product, lower costs, and sustenance.

When it comes to getting great value from a product, decorative concrete wins for most construction projects. Customized decorative concrete adds value to your San Antonio business and is also very useful in terms of being low-cost, and having aesthetics and efficiency:

Theme Parks Now Use Customized Decorative Concrete

Stamped concrete is becoming a more popular option for theme parks looking to replace conventional stonework or pavers for their pedestrian area and flatwork projects. This is mostly due to it requiring less maintenance over time.

Pavers start to loosen up after some time leading to pedestrians potentially tripping and falling. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to just remove old pavers and add new ones since the colors are unlikely to match.

The Benefits of Choosing Decorative Concrete

  • Reduce the possibility of high traffic areas being liable for accidents.
  • No longer dealing with loose pavers that have to be replaced.
  • Decorative or stamped concrete is low maintenance, sustainable and safe.

Interior Flooring

Decorative concrete is becoming the go-to for flooring with large retailers since they are easier to maintain and will remain durable even when something is wasted on them. As for small retailers, stained concrete floors are an inexpensive, very appealing way to enhance the space.

Another great option for interior floors is polished concrete. This type is quite durable. And, being light-reflective is a nice quality for medical offices.

The advantages of decorative concrete for interior flooring:

  • Very durable and capable of withstanding a lot of foot traffic and moisture.
  • Light reflective.
  • Low maintenance and long lasting.
  • By using the slab on grade as the final product instead of conventional coverings your business saves money.

Green Building

Decorative concrete floors are great for builders who focus on going green. Unlike conventional flooring, decorative concrete does not use adhesives that give off VOCs in the air which pollutes the environment.

Green building promotes sustainability by enhancing light reflectivity and offering thermal mass. Concrete with lighter hues effectively lessens the urban heat island impact because of its solar-reflectivity abilities.

The decorative concrete benefits for green building:

  • Fewer chemicals polluted the air.
  • A decrease in energy requirements.
  • Preserving resources due to concrete being made of recycled materials.

Value engineering has proven to be an effective way to meet the design needs of your construction project. Decorative concrete is the best way to get the job done for your San Antonio business.

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