These days, getting down on the grill is not just for men anymore. Both sexes know how to take to the patio and throw some steaks on the grill for a nice day outdoors. And, although the winter months don’t allow for much patio time, Christmas is a good time to buy awesome outdoorsy gifts […]

What is a patio cover and how can it bring value to your life? It’s a structure that provides shade while attached to your home. It’s generally supported by two columns or posts. The patio cover’s roof may be solid depending or open, depending on the amount of protection from the sun you require.   In […]

Halloween has come and gone. Now, it’s time to start planning for the holidays… Thanksgiving and Christmas. For most of us, Thanksgiving is a time for enjoying good food and loads of family and friends. But, for many, the idea of an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner party sounds like an awesome idea. 7 Tips to Planning […]

It is now autumn and winter is lurking fast right around the corner. Your yard and garden need some help during this period. You can’t allow your garden to meet winter head-on without some help. Or, they may find it difficult to fully recover from the harshness of winter. 5 Tips for Making Your Yard […]

No more plain, boring driveways! Here are some tips and design ideas for using concrete stains to add style and improve the way your driveway looks. A concrete driveway with a nice stamped job adds value to your property, enhances the overall appearance of your home and catches the eyes of anyone passing by. There […]

One of the nicest patio floor options is stamped concrete, a popular choice for those who enjoy entertaining outside on their patio. The great part of having a stamped concrete patio is that the flooring looks just as nice as the flooring in an indoor space. Not only that, but it is an economical choice […]

When it comes to maintenance and preparations for the future, fall is just about the most important time to be proactive. Spring cleaning is often easier because you’re about to use the deck or patio all summer, but what about fall cleaning? This is the time when it is most easy to neglect simply because […]

Nothing beats a relaxing evening in a hot tub during the fall. The climate is cool, the leaves are falling, and if you own a spa, the warm bubbles are soothing. Bring in the fall by removing the summer decorations and adding beautiful fall colors. Here are some ways you can decorate your hot tub […]

Arbors are an excellent way to stage a gorgeous view or making a pathway more attractive and are easy to do-it-yourself for the handy types. Here is what you will need: 4 8-foot 2x4s  (A) 4 8-foot 1x4s  (B) 13 4-foot 2x2s or 7 8 foot 2x2s cut in half, or 13 precut deck spindles […]