patio with cover

Do you plan on getting a patio cover installed over your current patio? Maybe you don’t have either a patio or patio cover and you want to understand the best way to go about doing so? Installing patios and patio covers takes great detail and experience to make sure you received the best service possible. […]

home sunroom enclosure

Are you interested in enjoying the outdoors regardless of the weather? Do bugs constantly wreck your parties outside? Are you looking yo increase the value of your home with a small addition? A sunroom or enclosure is a great way to expand the interior of your home without going through a long, expensive addition. Sunrooms […]

Do you have an outdoor kitchen?  Do you have all the best components of an outdoor kitchen to maximize its fun? Maybe you plan on installing an outdoor kitchen so you can start having great parties with all of your friends and family? Take advantage of the outdoors with one of the best yard installments […]

So you just built a patio or you want to protect your old patio with a high-quality cover. You have several questions to ask yourself regarding budget, time and durability when it comes to deciding on the proper patio cover for your home. There are two common patio covers to choose from: wooden and aluminum. […]

So, you’ve purchased your dream home. It’s exactly what you were looking for. It has the right number of rooms, a kitchen that’s the envy of all of your friends, and we don’t even need to start about the bathrooms.  It’s in the perfect neighborhood, and you’ve already picked out the plants you want in […]

Are you looking for a better way to entertain your guests when they come over to your house? Is the outside of your home lacking something to make your parties and get-togethers stand out? An outdoor kitchen helps you bring together a group of people and make others want to always stop by your home […]

Do you have a patio in your yard? Is it difficult to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere of your patio without sitting in scorching heat? Maybe you want to sit outside during a light drizzle or play a game of cards without the sun burning a hole through your game. A deck is great for bringing […]

Is your deck or patio in need of a rebuild, or are you interested in creating a brand new deck or patio to fill out your lawn? Finding a deck and patio contractor takes a significant amount of research. Learn how to understand the intricacies of deck and patio contracting to find the best contractor […]

Did you just build a new patio or deck or contract a company to build it for you? A new deck contains varying degrees of moisture and debris that you do not want to seal into the wood. This makes it difficult to understand if you should stain a newly built deck. The first rule […]

A backyard can be a wonderful place to relax after work or on the weekends, but for many it is not as inviting as they would like it to be. Creating a backyard space that is beautiful and functional does not have to be impossible, or a job on its own. It is all about […]