Making your deck into the perfect entertainment center does not have to be difficult. There are all-in-one projectors with built-in sound systems and DVD players perfect for your outdoor space.  Plus, there are no audio cords or HDMI cables to deal with – all you need is a single power plug. Below are 10 of […]

When most people think of patios, they visualize a winding wooden patio. This may have been in style a decade or two ago, but in the landscaping world, things have changed. Concrete patios are now being preferred over wooden patios due to their durability, strength and design versatility. And, here in San Antonio, Texas, where […]

If you’ve done Google image searches for “arbors” and “pergolas,” you were probably stuck wondering, “What’s the difference?” Well, although they do have some similarities, they are distinct from each other. Today, we’re going to discuss the pergola vs arbor differences and similarities. Pergola vs Arbor: Similarities Both arbors and pergolas can be found in […]

Summer in San Antonio, Texas means weekend cookouts and outdoor parties. But, is your outdoor area ready for the entertaining you have planned? An outdoor kitchen will give you what you need to keep everything outside. So, there’s no need to worry about running in and out of the house with goodies, or turning on […]

In San Antonio, Spring is officially in the air. You and your family are ready to start spending more time outdoors, and your backyard is an ideal place. Spring is not just a time to clean, it’s also the best time to prepare for summer. Why wait until it’s over a hundred degrees to go […]

Designing a deck is all about expressing your personal interest and style, and the railing makes all of the difference. There are very few rules, and you can express yourself however you like. Even if you decide to have a deck railing that mismatches with the deck, when done correctly it can look great! With […]

It is winter time in the United States and, while most people are thinking about keeping warm, there are some excellent features for your yard that can change your entire winter outdoor experience. After all, just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a breathtaking, peaceful backyard scenery. There are a number […]

What do you use your gazebo for? Maybe you originally had it built for an outdoor wedding. Or you may have gotten it because you envisioned sitting outside in the shade – watching the birds.   However, if you don’t use your gazebo as often as you had anticipated, there are things you can do […]

If you’re a patio owner, then you probably already know that simply having a patio isn’t quite enough — you’ll eventually need to do some maintenance and upkeep. After some number of years, your patio might even start looking rather shabby. If this is the case for your patio, fear not! You don’t need to […]

If you have a patio, you have likely been enjoying it throughout the summer and the fall — and perhaps even putting off any maintenance or preparation that needs to be done before winter arrives. Winter is coming, unfortunately, and that means that certain steps need to be taken so that your patio is prepared […]