If you have an enclosed patio, you already understand the benefits of choosing it for your home, especially during beautiful San Antonio summers. However, you may be looking for more ways to enjoy the one you have so you can maximize its potential.   If you are looking into getting an enclosed patio for your […]

There are two kinds of decks in this world: decks that are best suited for adults, and decks that work well for children. The latter is a common question mark that burdens many families looking to build a deck. The fact of the matter is that it isn’t a difficult feat as long as you […]

enclosed sunroom addition

Does your home or office have an enclosure attached to it? Do you use this enclosure as an additional office or a way to experience the outdoors without getting eaten up by bugs or poured on by rain? Although enclosures are designed to last for a few decades, they typically won’t last as long is […]

When you get a new patio or deck it becomes an extension of your current home, making it quite important to make the most out of the actual patio installation. You don’t want to go through a few weeks of a patio installation and then realize that the patio doesn’t exactly look right or you […]

patio building under construction

When you build the patio you typically have two options to choose from. You can decide on building the patio yourself or you can contract a third-party company who would design and build the patio for you. Lots of people choose to build the patio themselves while others think it’s a huge waste of time […]

gazebo in backyard

A gazebo is something that changes the outlook of your lawn drastically. You might be thinking about installing a deck or patio in your backyard in order to improve the scenery and get more people to come over for parties and get-togethers such as family and neighbors. These are the most common options, but you […]

luxury patio cover in San Antonio

There comes a time when you want to build a patio in your backyard to experience the wonders of the San Antonio outdoors. You have a chance to invite over friends and enjoy time with family by simply stepping outside and sitting around. Patios give you a chance to grill and drink with people you […]

backyard deck

When you build a deck in your backyard or your front yard you sent out onto a journey that cost you time and money. Many people start building a deck themselves and only realized that it’s difficult to manage the time and come up with the money required to put together a deck. On the […]

deck and hammer

Getting a new deck in your front or backyard is a big deal for anyone. You have a chance to reimagine the way your home looks and create an area that allows you to hang out with friends and family in nature. Think about the parties you could have with a nicely designed deck. Deck […]

broken patio concrete

Patios are meant to last for a very long time. That said, if a patio starts getting up there in age then you can assume that the patio will start to break down and cause damage to anyone who walks on it. This is a liability so you want to ensure that your patio is […]