deck builder working on deckLet’s say that you look out into your backyard and something is missing. You realize that you need a deck or patio to share time with friends and family and maybe even just sit under the sun for a relaxing afternoon. Most people don’t know how to build a deck or patio by themselves so they contract the company to come in and do it for them. When you work with a deck and patio company you want to communicate with them as best you can in order to receive your desired results.

When you sit down with the deck and patio company it’s important to communicate a few particular things. Let’s take a look at what you should tell your deck and patio company before starting a job in shelling out a bunch of cash.


Show Them Examples of Other Decks or Patios That Fit Your Vision

Does your neighbor have a patio that you’ve always envied? There’s a good chance that you have seen some decks and patios that you would love to have in your backyard. Take pictures of these examples and bring them into the deck and patio company before commencing with the job. This gives them a starting point and explains exactly what you are thinking in terms of your deck or patio design.


Tell Them When You Want The Deck or Patio Completed

Build a timeline and explain to the deck and patio company that you need to meet a particular deadline. You may not actually have a deadline in mind, but you don’t want the company working at your home for two months and messing up your yard. It’s important to specify a deadline in order to get the job done in a professional manner.


Bring in Visuals To Strengthen Your View

Pictures of other decks or patios are great as a starting point, but you want to make your own unique deck or patio that reflects your own personality. This is where a drawing or prototype comes in. In order to get the best result you will want to show the deck and patio company a drawing of what’s in your mind. Even a bad drawing is better than nothing. You can even asked a friend who is good at drawing or building prototypes to develop something for you.


Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about what to tell your deck and patio company before starting a job. Communication is key when working with a deck and patio company since you are throwing down a large sum of money in order to make your house more beautiful. If you have experienced problems with the deck and patio company in the past explain what you might do differently in the future to help other people.

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