shutterstock_151209320Designing a deck is all about expressing your personal interest and style, and the railing makes all of the difference. There are very few rules, and you can express yourself however you like. Even if you decide to have a deck railing that mismatches with the deck, when done correctly it can look great!

With so much flexibility, your deck railing can really reflect your personality. There are a number of options you have at your disposal — with so much to choose from, in terms of post sizes, shapes, colors, baluster, and materials, it’s easy to get creative.

Before you get started, however, there are some questions you need to consider:

  1. How much do you value privacy?
  2. Do you enjoy scenic views while outside?
  3. Are you modern, eccentric, or traditional?


Blocked View

Many people tend to prefer enjoying the great outdoors without a blocked view. If your view is blocked, consider a two-story raised deck.

Decks are also perfect for adding a hot tub. River City Deck & Patio will gladly help you select the right encasement for your deck spa that will fit well with the overall feel and appearance of your deck.

One critical factor to consider when installing a deck spa is the view of the backyard and the scenery and making sure it is never blocked by the railing. When a client is unwinding in their hot tub, being able to take in the scenery is a part of the experience. River City Deck & Patio can use unobtrusive infills to prevent this from happening.

If you live near a waterfront, having a deck that allows you to step out onto a private dock with an unobstructed view is important. Try railing that can provide added security near waterfront properties.

Deck Flair

To add a little flare to your deck railing, you can try framing it with specialty railing. You can also add deck lighting to enhance the entire outdoor ambiance during the night. This doesn’t just look good, it can also have a more practical purpose. Besides helping people see better, it also makes them feel safer because it is all so well-lit.


Some people are concerned about how well their deck will hold up throughout the year’s seasonal changes. Our decks are designed to stay in good condition throughout all seasons and various weather conditions, but composite railing with black metal baluster is excellent for preventing sun, water, and insect damage

If you tend to have a lot of guests over, it’s a good idea to select a wider top rail to add more space for placing cups and plates on. Custom seating on your deck is also perfect for entertainment during the spring and summer months. This will make your guests have an even more comfortable and enjoyable time.

Because you can choose the top rail separately from the infill and posts, you can use more of your imagination when designing your deck. Feel free to get creative with styles, materials, and colors – we are here to help!



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