shutterstock_244490377There are two kinds of decks in this world: decks that are best suited for adults, and decks that work well for children. The latter is a common question mark that burdens many families looking to build a deck. The fact of the matter is that it isn’t a difficult feat as long as you follow a few simple rules. So read carefully!


Let’s not beat around the bush: kids are messy. They run, they dance, they play, and they spill things (constantly). Kids are active, and they require spaces that can handle the physical strain of this activity.


On one hand, decks are already an excellent thing for any family with energetic kids to have. They were built for active families who like to hang out or play outside. They allow the adults to hang out and watch from a comfortable environment as the children have both the freedom and supervision to run around outside in the San Antonio, Texas air.


But what happens when you want your kids to be able to hang out on the deck with you? The most important rule of thumb when building a family-friendly deck is to use durable materials. Kids have the unique ability to make things wear out before their time – don’t let your deck have the same fate. You should choose strong materials like composite and PVC styles so that your deck’s materials never split, rot, or cause splinters for your kids’ bare feet.


Decks are generally raised up off the ground, which is fine for adults but a potential safety hazard for kids. Keep them from tumbling off the side by installing railings all around your deck’s perimeter. You can find plenty of stylish railing options that will keep your deck looking fresh and hip while also giving you the practicality of ensuring your kids’ safety.


Lighting is a great way to improve the atmosphere of your deck for use at dusk or in the evening. It is especially important for families with kids so that it allows them to see well at all hours of the day. This is just another way to decorate your deck in a way that also includes a safety bonus.

Other Decorations

No matter what kind of decorations you decide to add to your deck, when you have a family you are going to need to consider two things: Is this safe? Is it durable? If you answer yes to both questions, you can add it to your deck design with the knowledge that it will serve your family well. One example is a rug. Plenty of people add rugs to their decks but do they always go for a non-slip rug? Maybe not. Keep these things in mind when accenting your deck with charming additions.

Table and Chairs

While this has little to do with safety, it has everything to do with family bonding time. If you’re living the busy family life, chances are you value your mealtimes together. By adding a table and chairs to your deck, you can easily move this special time outside. Then you can enjoy the beautiful Texas outdoors and your family time all at once.

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