What’s the difference between a patio and a deck? A patio is a paved area sits directly on the ground. It may or may not be attached to the outside of the home. A deck is an open platform or porch that roofless and extends from the home. Let’s discuss the benefits of both so you can decide which is best for your needs. 

5 Benefits of a Patio 

1. Durable 

Because patios are so durable, they require very little maintenance. Yes, sealing your patio will protect it from outside forces and keep it looking good. But, stone patios and pavers are durable all on their own. 

2. Privacy 

Because patios are designed to sit directly on the ground, they provide more privacy. Nosy neighbors have to actually climb up onto the fence to catch you on your patio.  

3. Lifespan 

Quality patio have the tendency to last over 25 years. They continue to maintain their value throughout that time with very little upkeep needed. 

4. Cost 

Patios can be much less expensive then decks because they are flush to the ground. It only costs about $5 per square foot to have new concrete poured for a patio. 

5. Permits 

Generally, there are no inspections or building permits required when installing patios in San Antonio, Texas. That makes this the least time-consuming and most cost-efficient choice when deciding between deck vs. patio.  

Benefits of a Deck 

1. Comfort 

The San Antonio heat can be excruciating during hot, summer months. Many Texans prefer to spend summertime outdoors, nonetheless. A wooden deck will absorb the heat naturally, and retain much less of it, keeping you cooler. 

2. View 

Most custom decks are built up off the ground. With the right landscaping and a little ambiance, this gives you a magnificent view of your yard. 

3. Terrain 

Some yards are night quite level, and feature uneven terrains. Decks are great for these situations because they can be installed, by professionals, on any type of land. 

4. Value 

Wooden decks offer a return on investment for homeowners. Back in 2014, the ROI was reportedly a whopping 87%. That’s higher than the ROI of just about any indoor home renovation. 

5. Customizable 

You can have your wooden deck stained or painted using any shade or color you like. Make it match your home’s exterior design or the theme of your yard’s landscaping. 

Your local patio and deck customizers of San Antonio can help. Give River City Deck & Pool a call at (210) 823-3637 to schedule your free patio and deck consultation today.  

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