shutterstock_452263828Although a gazebo in your backyard may only seem like a summer investment, it is, in fact, a relevant element of property to have in any season throughout the year. The key is simply to decorate it in such a way that it always fits in with its surrounding season. So what are some ways you can decorate a gazebo to make it fit every season? Let’s go through some tips and tricks for how to do it.


First of all, before you ever get to the decorating stage, it’s important to make sure that your gazebo is equipped for handling all the weather changes that are likely to come your way throughout the year. It should be out of a material that is durable enough for rain, wind, snow, the hot sun, and extreme heat (or whichever of those elements apply to your particular location). Do the proper research to establish which materials should be used for the roof and the other materials; don’t skimp out on the information at the beginning and then regret it later when your gazebo can’t handle the weather.


The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to decorate your gazebo differently for each season; it is plenty to decorate it once with all four seasons in mind. It all depends on what style will go best with your personal preferences and the practicalities of your lifestyle. To begin with, let’s consider plant life. This is the major decoration that can make or break a gazebo. The season will determine which kind of plants are a good option for your gazebo decoration; your lifestyle will also make that determination. For instance, climbing plants are often used to increase the level of privacy achieved through decoration. These plants include wisteria, clematis, and roses. Some people prefer to raise them up in boxes to allow for more sitting room within the gazebo.

For more privacy, try hanging light curtains. This is something that could be switched out according to the season; in the winter, hang heavier curtains to stop the icy wind from getting into the gazebo. In the summer, however, lighter hanging curtains that are tied at the corners can create a feeling of both openness and privacy — a beautiful contradiction.

As far as furnishings go, this will also vary according to what kind of climate you are living in. Some popular styles are Adirondack chairs and tables or wicker furniture. Make sure any wicker furniture is treated with polyurethane (non-glossy) in order to protect it better from the elements of all seasons.

If you live in an area that has nice bird life (often this includes every season), then install a bird feeder on the outside of your gazebo so you can enjoy watching the birds flying around while you sit inside the gazebo.

Of course, altering the decorations for different holidays is also a popular idea. Stringing colorful or elegant white Christmas lights through your gazebo is a great way to decorate for the Christmas season; using an American flag theme can work wonders for the week of the Fourth of July.

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