shutterstock_203202412Whether you are looking for cheap DIY decoration ideas or a bigger investment to really spice things up for the fall, decorating your deck or patio for the fall season doesn’t have to be difficult! You can use just one or two changes to give it a completely different feel, or you can cover it with autumn-inspired decorations that will make your family and guests feel warm and cozy.

Decorating ideas

Here are some of the quickest and most effective ways to redecorate your deck or patio for the fall season.

Warm up the space

If you plan on having people over during the fall, you are definitely going to want to make sure your outdoor space is a comfortable and cozy place to hang out. We don’t want your guests to leave early because of the cold and dark, after all! Try installing a fire pit of some sort to literally warm things up, and use fall coloring to your advantage.

Fall colors

Add furniture accents in the colors of forest green, cranberry, as well as oranges, browns, and reds to make the entire area feel warm, cozy, and comfortable. That being said, a better idea could be to use rustic hues rather than the traditional oranges and browns. Keep it classic and simple, keeping it in the spirit of fall without being too cliché.


Strategically place the seating on your deck or patio so that people will be facing one another when they’re sitting down. This encourages conversation, which makes for a better all-around experience. You can easily place the seating so it surrounds the fire pit, giving guests an additional activity as well as people to talk to.

One way to cozy up basic outdoor furniture is to add some blankets and pillows. That way, chilly guests can use the blankets to stay warm, and the pillows will encourage them to stick around in their comfortable seat.

Fall maintenance

Of course, it’s important to also think about the practical side of keeping your deck or patio livable during the fall season. The fall is perhaps the most important season when it comes to maintenance, so be sure to stay on top of it!

Sweep (often)

Fall often means the development of mold and mildew, caused by dead leaves sitting on your deck for long periods of time. This damp, cool setting is ideal for mold to grow, so help prevent it by keeping your deck clear of leaves. Sweep as often as you can.

Clean & scrub

Scrub your deck with warm water and deck cleaner (which can be bought in stores) at least once, therefore removing the summer stains that are in danger of setting. The hose it down to rinse off the cleaner and any other dirt that came loose during your scrubbing will add the finishing touch for your deck to be ready for fall. Don’t leave the water to sit on your deck, as this could create water spots — instead, use a good brush to push the extra water off of the deck.

The better maintenance you do, the longer your deck will last.

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