No more plain, boring driveways! Here are some tips and design ideas for using concrete stains to add style and improve the way your driveway looks.

A concrete driveway with a nice stamped job adds value to your property, enhances the overall appearance of your home and catches the eyes of anyone passing by. There are ways to get this effect by simply using a stain. You can save money and create a variety of looks on old and new concrete driveways using stain decorations.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is applied with shake-on colors. When staining you wait until the concrete settles then apply it by hand which allows for subtle hints of color, vibrant accents, and personalized graphics to be added if you desire.

Staining is very effective because of how it permeates the concrete surface making the color long-lasting and unlikely to fade or chip. Concrete stain offers a permanent embellished new look.

Stains are a versatile and unique way to improve your driveway. Once you know what kind of look you are going for with a stained concrete driveway, there are water-based, acid-based and chemical stains to select from on the market.

Customizing Your Stamped Concrete

With acid stains, you can get very organic colors that are totally unique due to its ability to permeate and respond chemically with the concrete. If you are looking for more of a stark blast of color, you won’t get that with acid stains. The colors will not be vibrant, but more so delicate blue-greens, browns, and tan shades.

If you want something that completely stands out, water-based stains are a lot less subtle. The range of shades varies with water-based stains. If you feel like being adventures, you have the option of combining a variety of colors. Similar to water-based stains, this will offer more expansive alternatives.

Decorative Stamped Concrete Design Ideas

Decorating your concrete driveway with water-based, chemical or acid stains will give you boundless options of enhancing looks. Methods like decorative saw cuts, stenciling, and faux finishing will broaden your decorating horizons. Check out these design ideas to help you design your dream driveway.

  • Add a variety of stain colors, so the concrete has the beautiful appearance of earthy tones. This look is more attainable when saw cutting the concrete into different stone arrangements.
  • Sawcuts and stain are very useful for giving your driveway a faux tile appearance.
  • If you have custom graphics in mind, try replacing stains with stencils.
  • The dramatic approach isn’t for everyone. Create a basic look using one stain color in a shade that you feel matches your home. Being conservative doesn’t mean boring. This look still makes a huge difference on your driveway.
  • Combining dyes and stains will result in adding character to your concrete driveway.

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