shutterstock_26042320So, you’ve decided you want an outdoor kitchen? Perhaps you are a summer lover and also a good cook, or you’d like to encourage both family time and more outdoors time. This outdoor time does not have to be seasonal, however; no, the days of a summer-only outdoor kitchen are over. Nowadays you can use it in the winter too, as long as you design it well.

So how exactly do you design a practical and beautiful outdoor kitchen? Look no further; we have your answers here.


Never underestimate the importance of the right floor for your outdoor kitchen. To choose the right kind of flooring, you will need to be extra aware of what your local climate is like, and how it will affect your outdoor kitchen. For instance, climates with lots of rain are going to cause tile and marble surfaces to be slippery quite often.

If you already have a deck that you are turning into an outdoor kitchen, then a simple updating stain job will do wonders for making it look and feel brand new. You should also consider what kind of use you are going to need the kitchen for. If you have young children -or older parents- who are going to be using the kitchen, you will need to keep the floor smooth but not slippery.


There are some aesthetic and some practical aspects you need to consider when deciding on a location for your outdoor kitchen. Remember that you will often use it for grilling, so the smoke needs to be in a location that doesn’t flow into your home. Additionally, for people who often have people over and use the outdoor kitchen for hosting guests, you are going to want your outdoor kitchen to be in a location that isn’t too far away from your indoor kitchen. Finally, be sure not to put it in a location that blocks any particularly beautiful views from your house itself.

Appliances and Storage

One main decision you are going to have to make is what kinds of appliances you want for the kitchen. This means deciding on the size and number, mainly, but also any particular style choices (materials, for example). When you decide where you want to put all the appliances, be sure to think about it practically.

Are you going to maximize your countertop space, and, therefore, should include some extra room on both sides of the grill? Are you going to want to have surfaces of varying heights and materials to do different kitchen jobs? Think it through logically and you should be able to design an effective space for your uses.

The same goes for storage space; what exactly are you going to want to store in your outdoor kitchen? Make sure to keep convenient spaces available for everything.

Bring the Inside Outdoors

When designing an outdoor kitchen, don’t forget the comforts of the inside of your home, or else you’ll never want to spend time there. Use the same instincts you used for designing the interior of your home (while still taking climate and weather into account), and you should end up with a perfectly livable space right outside your home!

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