stain deckAre you trying to protect the wood surfaces in your home?

Are you concerned that the San Antonio weather will wear down your wood patio, deck or furniture outside?

Maybe you are interested in getting a different shade of color for the wood items in and outside your home?

There are three wood sealing terms that are often confused: staining, varnishing and lacquering.

Let’s explore the differences between each option and how you can use each for increasing the look and quality of your wood.



People stain their wood items when they want to change the color. Homeowners use different types of stain to apply several layers and soak the moisture into the wood. This process turns the wood into any color you desire. You are able to make your wood look darker or lighter than it currently is. Use stain when a new patio, deck, or wood item doesn’t match the rest of the wood in your home. Apply one layer of stain and let it dry. If the wood still isn’t the desired color consider placing additional layers of stain until you reach the color you want.



Varnish is used when you want to protect your wood. Varnish is also used to provide a glossy, shiny look to your wood items. Varnish provides minimal color change when applied to your wood. Many homeowners like to place a layer of stain and then a layer of varnish to change the color and create a glossy look. Varnish is also used to protect your wood deck, patio, or wooden item. Varnish prevents moisture and dirt from seeping into the wood. This makes your wood last longer and it decreases the need for maintenance.



Lacquer is very similar to varnish. It provides protection for your wood and a nice glossy finish. These two options are created with different ingredients and lacquer is typically a little thicker than varnish. Lacquer also provides a slight coloration compared to the invisible finish of varnish. Both lacquer and varnish are great for placing over a layer of wood stain to seal out moisture and dirt. Lacquer offers a slightly stronger finish, making it suitable for homeowners who live in areas with fierce weather conditions. Lacquer is also known to dry much faster than varnish. If you are in a hurry to get your wood items sealed and ready, go with lacquer.

Contract a painting company to finish your wood for you. Feel free to ask any questions about each option to help make your deck or patio lasts long and look great. The best part about all of these options is that you increase the look and value of your deck, patio, or wood items whether they are inside or outside your San Antonio home.


Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about varnishing, staining or lacquering. Do you have any experience with one of these options?

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