enclosed sunroom additionDoes your home or office have an enclosure attached to it? Do you use this enclosure as an additional office or a way to experience the outdoors without getting eaten up by bugs or poured on by rain? Although enclosures are designed to last for a few decades, they typically won’t last as long is a sturdy brick wall or a piece of your home that was built to last for centuries. Enclosures are great way to enjoy time with family and friends and even meet neighbors, because you can invite them over and have parties. You can even use it as an extra room for your small children to play around and. Once the enclosure Certs falling down or getting dirty it might be time to refurbish it or get a new one.

Let’s figure out if you’re enclosure is ready for a redesign.


Does it Cause Injuries?

The primary reason you should get a new enclosure is if people are getting injured when inside of it. This particularly refers to children who might use it as an additional playroom. If there is broken glass in the windows or torn screens that you might consider replacing those windows. If the floors are crumbling or the walls are causing drafts that it might not be all that safe for people to be hanging out in the room.


Does it Not Protect You From the Elements?

One of the reasons you include an enclosure on your home is to experience the outdoors without getting exposed to all of the tests the elements. You might want to avoid mosquitoes in the summer or rain on muggy days. If the rain is leaking through your enclosure then what’s the point of having it? If the enclosure is getting drafty or their leaks in the roof then you should consider purchasing a new one or getting it fixed up.


Are Your Maintenance Costs Through the Roof?

Of course you will have to maintain your enclosure over the years, but there comes a point when paying for costly maintenance fees out way simply purchasing a new enclosure. You should sit down every year an outline how much you have spent on your enclosure to understand when it might be time to purchase a new one. Sometimes you never have to purchase a new enclosure, but for those of you who might maintain their enclosure a little less this day might come a little earlier.


Shoot your thoughts in the comments section below, and let us know if you think you’re enclosure is ready for reboot. We understand that enclosures can be large investments, but once you realize that it needs to be replaced or redesigned, the maintenance costs will be more than purchasing a new one altogether.

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