outdoor kitchenOutdoor kitchens are the latest trend with everyone wishing to enjoy the great outdoors. Especially, in the summer season, many families enjoy eating outside. These cooking stations are appropriate for BBQ parties. An outdoor living area takes considerable time for planning as there are essential factors to consider. But having your own outdoor kitchen means you can have all the money, time and effort put in planning to make your kitchen valuable.



An outdoor kitchen is the first thing to be considered before remodeling. Ensure that you spend and get exactly what you require. You must consider the cost to be spent for designing your outdoor kitchen. The cost of outdoor kitchens must be decided as the price range runs from $3,500 to $15,000.


Apart from the cost, another crucial factor is the design. You must ensure that your outdoor kitchen agrees with your house design, patio or backyard landscape. Such outdoor kitchens add value to your home, yet they also blends with the surroundings. Hiring a professional to design your outdoor kitchen can also be done.


Common Designs

Outdoor kitchen designs include Basic Island, L-shaped Island and U-shaped center. People choosing a Basic island design must be well aware of the fact that it is ideal for light cooking as it includes only a small space for the grill, food preparation and a skin, while an L-shaped design allows a distinct space for cooking and preparing food. The U-shaped center design separates the kitchen into specific zones for preparing, cooking and eating.


There are more outdoor kitchens designs. You can also design your own outdoor kitchen based on the shape and size of your house. You can make it unique by adding accessories suiting your needs and taste.  You also can make it more appealing by using custom design kitchens.


Outdoor Kitchen Location

The outdoor kitchen location is another issue worth considering. Existing patios or backyard decks make ideal choices for outdoor kitchens. If you lack a deck or a patio, you may find another location to suit your outdoor kitchen. However, it is a part of your house and is near the house. The wind direction must be considered when setting up the grill so that the smoke is not being carried into the house.


The other factors worth considering are the function of the outdoor kitchens. For instance, a Basic island design is not suitable for heavy cooking. Likewise, if you plan on using the outdoor kitchen for family gatherings, a small place is enough, but for parties, you need a bigger kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for parties, barbecues or even for family dinners. Depending on the use, weather conditions and available space, plan your intended outdoor kitchens and give a modern look to your kitchen fitting it with state of the art appliances.


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