shutterstock_452263828 (1)What do you use your gazebo for? Maybe you originally had it built for an outdoor wedding. Or you may have gotten it because you envisioned sitting outside in the shade – watching the birds.


However, if you don’t use your gazebo as often as you had anticipated, there are things you can do with it to give it added functionality for your home. Read on, and learn different tips as to how to take this underused structure and turn it into something your family just can’t stay away from.


  • Turn It Into a Greenhouse


Don’t let the harsh winter weather deter you from enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden. When having a garden would otherwise be out of the question, consider bringing in Plexiglas or plastic walls with heaters to create a warm, humid environment in which any number of seasonal crops like potatoes and onions can thrive.


  • Turn It Into a Cabin or Small Storage Area


If your mother-in-law is coming over for a visit, or you want to create a space for the kids to play while you steal away a little alone time with your spouse, enclosing your gazebo can serve as a great living retreat to your home.


Or, if you’re short on garage space, or you don’t even have one, enclosing your rarely used gazebo can serve as an excellent temporary storage space for your home. The best way to put up walls that will protect the occupants or stored items from the elements is to install PVC walls. They will easily protect your belongings from the outdoors.


  • Use and Rent Out Your Gazebo for Special Events


Let your gazebo serve as a dressed up centerpiece for all your children’s birthdays or outdoor functions. Also, you might be able to make someone else’s vision come true as well. First look at your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers or can be made to cover others who come onto your property in large groups. Also, check with your city or county permitting authority to see if there are any special requirements as well. If not, then you can earn side income from those wishing to decorate your gazebo for their special event.


  • Turn Your Gazebo Into an Outdoor Theater


As light as flat screen TVs are, you can easily create an intimate viewing experience by hauling your TV, DVD player and speakers out to the gazebo, and arranging your comfortable seating around it.


In the warmer months, you’ll definitely want to use tiki torches to keep bugs at bay. And during winter months, you might elect to have a pit heater to keep everyone warm.


  • Use a Portable Gazebo as a Booth at a Trade Show


If you have a product that you sell or a service you’re looking to promote, and you happen to have a portable gazebo, then it can serve as the perfect booth for a festival or trade show.


You’ll need to check with the organizers and county or city authorities to see if this type of structure is acceptable, but otherwise it serves as an inexpensive way to create your own motif.


Whether you already have one, or you’re looking to get one built, you can keep your gazebo serving a purpose long into the future when you follow the techniques above for jazzing up your gazebo.

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