luxury patio cover in San AntonioWhen you first build your patio or buy your outdoor furniture, you may thoroughly enjoy their appearance and aesthetic appeal. The way that they seem to boost the décor of your entire home may leave you (and your houseguests) absolutely speechless. However, if you do not keep the patio and furniture cleaned throughout the year, your houseguests will become speechless for a very different reason. Here are four top tips to consider to prevent that from happening.

Weeding, Weeding and More Weeding

Some of the most beautiful patios are stone patios. With each passing year, more and more homeowners seem to be leaning towards adding stone patios to your home exterior. However, the maintenance side of stone patios is nowhere near as fun – especially when it comes to weeding. Keep in mind that those pestering weeds can very easily work their way in between your stones – causing them to shift out of place. Staying on top of your weeding on a regular basis will keep your stones in place and looking good.

Concrete Patios Need Love and Attention, Too

Even if you have a concrete patio, this does not mean you are “off the hook” when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The concrete patio, however, is still a much easier option to keep clean and looking good. In most cases, you can just sweep any dirt or debris from the patio, and you are good to go. If there is something that may be a little too hard to sweep, you will more than likely be able to simply hose it off. When it comes to the aesthetic appeal, a stone patio will almost always win the race against a concrete patio. However, if you are looking for an option that is not going to need a lot of maintenance (and weeding), perhaps it is the best option to consider for your home.

Store Your Cushions in a Safe Place

Your outdoor furniture itself may be designed to survive forces of nature and the other elements of the outside throughout the year and survive. However, the cushions and pillows that you may use to accentuate these items (and sit comfortably on them) are not designed the same way. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a safe storage place reserved for them. Perhaps when a major rainstorm is heading in your direction, for instance, you should make it a habit of removing the cushions and storing them in a closet, cabinet or storage chest.

Do Not Hesitate to Cover Your Furniture

Furniture covers may not look as appealing or beautiful as the actual furniture hidden underneath. Purchasing these covers, though, is still a very important step – especially if you plan on keeping your furniture looking beautiful. Covering your outdoor furniture will protect it from the natural disasters and other elements that these items may encounter throughout the year. They could also preserve the color of your outdoor furniture – especially during the hot summers when the sun is apparently determined to burn, damage and discolor outdoor furniture.


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