outdoor gazeboGazebos are often considered a luxury that are not necessary for a standard home.

Is there any reason to spend more money on a gazebo when you already spent a significant portion of your savings on other housing components such as a deck or roofing?


Gazebos don’t seem practical at first, but they offer various cost and time saving benefits down the road.

What uses does a gazebo have that help you save time and money?



Do you plan on hosting a wedding for yourself or one of your relatives? Consider holding the wedding or reception in your own yard. A gazebo provides a great place for people to exchange vows or a place for people to mingle during a reception. This goes for other events as well. A gazebo increases the enjoyment of your outdoor space, making it desirable to hold events. Place tables of food on your gazebo or have entertainment on the gazebo for birthday parties. Watch a band or have your kids view a magic show without having to rent out space in another facility.



When decorating your backyard and cleaning up the area you often end up spending extra money to purchase shelves or hangers for flowers, pots and other decorations. You might have to clear out areas to place tables, chairs and other items. With a gazebo you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your backyard to make room for new items. Gazebos also make it easier to showcase your outdoor decor such as plants. Forget about spending an excessive amount of money at the hardware store and stick to the permanent solution of a gazebo.


A Place For The Kids

Kids grow out of a jungle gym. It is difficult to provide your children something that gives them entertainment throughout their entire life. Small children like running around on the gazebo and making games. Gazebos are perfect for playing hide and seek or for building a fort. As your children grow up they can use the gazebo for overnight camping in the backyard or for inviting friends over to play cards or board games.

Set up a table on your gazebo and create an atmosphere that your kids will always enjoy. Organize a weekly game night in the gazebo to keep the family together and minimize the amount of money spent on other activities such as going to the movies or seeing a sporting event. Sure these activities are great, but they don’t provide the constant, family-friendly setting like a gazebo does. Not to mention you don’t have to pay for anything, and the gazebo is right outside your door.

How could you use a gazebo to cut down on your expenses and make your living situation more enjoyable?

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