These days, getting down on the grill is not just for men anymore. Both sexes know how to take to the patio and throw some steaks on the grill for a nice day outdoors. And, although the winter months don’t allow for much patio time, Christmas is a good time to buy awesome outdoorsy gifts for the patio lovers in your life. 

5 Cool Gifts to Give Patio Lovers for Christmas 

These five gifts are great for both men and women who love hanging out on their patios: 

1. Bar-B-Que Condiment Set 

This is one of the most popular holiday gifts for patio lovers on the market. A 3-piece condiment set is a prime present for anyone who enjoys grilling outdoors. Find something with a metal stand, so it’s solid and durable. The bowls are good for holding condiments and BBQ sauces. 

2. Eco-Friendly Mulch Rake 

Your patio lover can use this great tool for applying mulch to the yard. This helps save water and is a very eco-friendly activity. There are some major ergonomical wonders on the market. Try to find one with a soft grip and powder-coated head, with a shaft made of durable fiberglass.  

3. FitFlops 

It seems like just about everyone is walking around with some type of fit watch or other type of “get fit” style gadget these days. So, for the patio lover, how about a cool pair of FitFlops? These innovate fit-style flip flops help tone legs and muscles. Plus, they’re slip-resistant. So, they’re very safe to wear around the yard, pool or patio. 

4. Flexible LED Flashlight 

Use this little gadget to shed some light on your nighttime backyard activities. A good flexible LED flashlight should come with magnetic feet and ball-and-socket legs. That way, it can attach to almost anything, for hands-free lighting experience. They come with ultra-bright LED that’s truly energy-saving. And, they come in some really cool colors! 

5.  Outdoor Kitchen Cookbook 

There are some awesome cookbooks on the market specifically designed for cooks using outdoor kitchens. From Mediterranean to Korean BBQ, from country-style cooking to soul food… there’s a cookbook to suit the eating styles and tastes of every patio lover.  

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