shutterstock_204861349One of the trickiest things about having a wooden deck that is located outside is the fact that, unless you live in the Sahara Desert, there is going to be some rainfall that makes contact with the wood. You also know that the San Antonio area is no stranger to wet weather either. So how do you keep your deck from warming and getting damaged? Keep reading for some tips on how to maintain your wooden deck.

Pressure Washing & Staining

Pressure washing should be done annually at a minimum. You should then follow it immediately afterward with a wood stain that is designed to be outdoors. Because of the rainwater being commonly acidic, it can have a long-lasting, damaging effect on wooden decks. This is the point of an outdoor wood stain.


Don’t try pressure washing if you have never done it before – you can hire someone to do it for not too much money. In case you do find yourself in a situation where you will be holding the pressure washer, make sure to begin with the lowest pressure setting possible. Then, hold it a minimum of half a foot away from the material you are spraying it on. Spray horizontally across the entirety of the deck.

Furniture Damage

If you have any deck furniture of any kind, it runs the risk of the legs causing damage to the deck. One simple way of dealing with this is by purchasing rugs and mats that are designed for outdoor use. Since they are made specifically for withstanding outdoor environments, they won’t absorb and hold the water, therefore ensuring that mold or mildew doesn’t become a problem.


Definitely do not use indoor rugs for outdoor settings, as they serve as a blaring invitation for mildew to come to your doorstep. You also should not use poor quality outdoor rugs, as they tend to collect and hold water far too much to keep the mildew away.


When it comes to furniture (especially wooden outdoor furniture), you should also remember to pressure wash all of it just as often as you would your deck. Stain them the same way as well. If you treat your wooden furniture as well as you treat your wooden deck, they both should be able to last the same amount of time.


If you do end up with a mildew problem, all is not lost (yet). As soon as you discover it, dissolve one or two cups of bleach into a gallon of water, then spray the affected area as well as the rest of the deck with it. In case your pressure washer includes the capability of having bleach in its reservoir, give that a try for a thorough mildew cleaning.


While a San Antonio summer bonfire is certainly charming, you should only have one on your deck if you have the proper protective equipment. This includes a pad that is designed to be fireproof, such as the kind from Deck Protect. These mats have the added bonus of preventing scratching from the fire pit’s legs.

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