shutterstock_394352098If you have a patio, you probably associate it with additional, unnecessary costs. That is not accurate, however, for everyone. In fact, even people who want to update their patios or make them look cleaner and more modern don’t have to pay a fortune. Just a few changes will make your patio look fresh and new in no time, and these changes can all be done by yourself. Let’s look at some ideas for how to spruce up your patio for as little cost as possible.

You’d be surprised at how much the addition of curtains can change the feeling of a space. This is especially the case if those curtains are boldly designed, such as dramatic stripes or other types of prints. The beauty of curtains is that they make any space — especially if that space is outdoors — feel significantly more intimate. If you want to make your patio cozier, adding curtains is a great way to do that.

Cocktail table
If you already have patio furniture (such as a couch or daybed with cushions) but are somehow missing a piece or two just to make it more liveable, a cocktail table (the outdoor version of a coffee table) could be the surprising way to solve your issue. Both practical and stylish, a cocktail table does wonders for putting together a space that previously felt disjointed, and for making it easier to enjoy that space for longer periods of time.

Outdoor lighting is surprisingly effective, especially for evening or winter ambiance. In particular, Christmas lights work well even throughout the summertime months, as well as grapevine balls. They create a sort of magical, calming feeling that is hard to match with the stereotypical tiki torches.

Water works
A fountain or other water-based fixture on your patio can make a world of difference in terms of atmosphere and ambiance. You can build a fountain yourself without too much trouble or spending too much money. There is something uniquely relaxing about hearing the sound of water while you sit somewhere, and it’s hard to match in any other way.

Hide the storage
Whether it’s dishes, extra cushions, or firewood, storage doesn’t look good anywhere. That being said, it certainly pays off to have these items nearby so that you can access them without too much trouble. For that reason, you can simply install a curtain (made of burlap, for example) to cover up any storage that you do have stored on shelves. This will make the area appear far cleaner and less cluttered, which lends itself to making a much calmer environment overall.

Paint the furniture
One of the cheapest and easiest ways of giving your patio a whole new feel is simply painting the patio furniture. Do this instead of buying an entirely new set. It can be extremely cost-effective and also do a great job of sprucing up your patio area.

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