backyard deck vacationYou don’t have to go far to get away. With the right planning, you can actually have a vacation in your backyard. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, creativity and determination.

Start with an idea

If you are planning to really make a vacation spot out of your backyard, you need to first be able to define what you would find relaxing. Everyone has a different ideal of what they’d want to see in their backyard. Maybe a hammock is your idea of a vacation. Perhaps you would enjoy a park like setting. Only you would know what would be best for you.

As you plan out your idea, write down everything. Collect pictures of vacation spots that you like. Clip magazines and keep them in a folder. Every single thought can be an inspiration towards your perfect backyard.

The important thing to remember is that no idea is too crazy. Inspiration can come from everywhere! In order to create the back yard that truly feels like a vacation spot; you have to be willing to dream big, and use your imagination.

Focus your big idea

Some vacation locations remain vacations because they are simply not reasonable to be in someone’s backyard. You may love Las Vegas because of the lights and slot machines, but you may not be able to capture that in your backyard. Sure, you could purchase a video slot machine and some neon lights, but would your neighbors really appreciate that?

Your big idea is going to need to be focused into something do-able. Instead of having the slot machines and neon lights, consider adding a poker table inside of an outdoor enclosed patio. Complete the setup with an outdoor bar, and you’ve got a backyard that’s perfect for guy’s night out.

Keep trying

It is almost a guarantee that someone will tell you that your outdoor oasis cannot be done. Do not accept failure as an option. You can have a backyard that is worthy of taking a vacation in. It may not be an immediate buy a kit and be happy scenario. You may need to have custom made items- that doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

When your first idea for your backyard fails, review your plan for ideas of what you could do differently. If you need help implementing your ideas, see a patio or landscaping specialist. Most of all trust your gut. The biggest obstacle to having a perfect backyard is the unwillingness to try something different.

You can take a vacation in your backyard. With planning, creativity and a little bit of time, your backyard can become a small scale destination for everything you find relaxing.

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