old decking woodIs your deck causing blisters and splinters when your kids run around outside? Are your friends or family members commenting on the ratchety nature of your deck or patio? Patios are essential to embrace the outdoors and enjoy the area you live in. People get decks and patios because they want to enjoy time with friends and family outdoors. If these structures are ugly or they pose potential threats then you probably want to consider getting a new one.

Take a look at your deck or patio and make a list of the problems you see. Examine other decks in the neighborhood and see if yours could be better. Let’s take a look at how you can decide if you are ready for a new deck or patio.


Your Friends and Family Don’t Mention It Or They Make Fun Of It

Decks and patios are fun to talk about. They are a great conversation starter when people come over to enjoy a barbeque or just hang out and have a beer. If people come over and don’t mention anything then you can assume they don’t find it all that impressive. Maybe it looks old or ratchety.

The worse side of things is when people make fun of your for your old deck or patio. If someone cracks a joke then you should go out and get it replaced. Turn the tides and ask them what they don’t like about the deck or patio. This gives you some guidance when selecting a new one.


People Are Starting to Get Hurt On Your Deck Or Patio

If you kids trip on broken pieces of your deck or people get splinters on your deck then you should think about getting a new deck or patio. These hazards are problematic because your family and friends can get hurt. This can bring up liability issues, and of course you don’t want to hurt anyone when you are just trying to have a good time.


Other Decks or Patios in the Neighborhood Are Better Than Yours

Look around your neighborhood and take some notes. Snap some photos and put them next to your own deck or patio. Does your look old and outdated? Make your deck or patio the talk of the town and don’t get left behind with the trends.


Now it’s your turn to share about your deck or patio. Let us know in the comments section if you own a deck or patio that could use a replacement. Share how you plan on replacing the deck and if you noticed some of these problems before deciding. If you are just beginning to consider a new deck or patio let us know if this list helped.

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