backyard arborsHaving a deck is nice in theory, but the fact of the matter is that if you haven’t kept it up-to-date and fully functional, it’s unlikely that you get to use it much at all. If this sounds like you, it is probably high time to update your deck. Let’s look at some of the current deck trends and get you back in with the times.

Big decks

One of the main things people love to do these days is to get the largest deck they can on their property. In 2016, the rule is that bigger is better, and you can join the trend by increasing your deck size as well. Back in the day, the standard large deck was around 20 by 10 feet in size. Nowadays this simply doesn’t cut it for many deck owners, however.

It is now not uncommon for people to have decks that are similar in size to their own indoor square footage. Sometimes there are even rooms of sorts, defined and divided by pergolas, partitions, and other such things. Furniture, storage, and even outdoor kitchens are now commonly found among proud, up-to-date deck owners. It is no longer a space to simply enjoy the outdoors, but an extension of the house itself.

For more than just the summer

Now more than ever, deck owners are updating their decks to be used not only in the hot summer months but also for most of the year (depending somewhat on your location, of course). With the standard addition of lighting and fire pits, nighttime use is also more widespread than what used to be the case. Some fireplaces have even been built into decks, allowing for added warmth in the late fall, even in colder locations such as the northern half of the United States.

Nowadays, lighting has come a long way from the tiki torches of the past. Electric, low-voltage lights are strung from the pergolas or built into the stairs or other fixtures on your deck, giving the deck area a safe and pleasant ambience even late at night. Dimmers are even used to set the mood, even when you’re sitting outdoors.

Outdoor kitchens

Barbeques have taken on a whole new meaning now that full kitchens have become the trend in recent years. A simple grill will no longer cut it. Instead, fully functional kitchens with a cooktop or grill, plenty of storage (even kitchen cabinets that are outdoor-friendly), countertops, refrigerator, and a sink with running water are all staples of the complete outdoor kitchen.


Whether it’s a sink as a part of your deck’s outdoor kitchen or a decorative water addition, water has become a huge trend among deck owners. A fountain creates a relaxed mood, and a pool or hot tub can make the area perfect for an afternoon or evening of fun. If you live in a place where traffic is easily heard, this is especially useful as it creates an escape from the “outside” world.

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