Spring is quickly approaching. But, after such a cold winter, your patio and deck are probably missing you and yearning for your undivided attention. Washing your deck or patio should not a painstaking task to perform. For the yard-loving man, it can actually be fun! 

The Guy’s Guide to Making Cleaning Your Deck or Patio Fun 

If you’re a man who enjoys being out in your yard, then you can actually have fun while cleaning your patio or deck. With spring lurking around the corner, you’re going to want to use your outdoor space.  

So, roll up your sleeves and pull on your wellies and get ready to have fun in the sun. Here are a few tips for washing your patio or deck with a touch of fun. For even more laughs, grab a couple of extra pieces of gear, and get the kids to help. Make a game out of it! 

Water Toys for Cleaning Your Patio or Deck 

For you to get the job done you need to have either of these two water toys that any yard man will enjoy messing around with: 

Fun Tool #1: Pressure Washer 

A pressure washer is one of the most important cleaning machines that a patio or deck owner should have in the tool shed. This tool will literary take care of your outdoor spring cleaning chores with very little hassle.  

Pressure washer water machines are capable of blasting away dirt without harsh chemicals, making them ideal for your outdoor plants and lawn. Most pressure washers also have a detergent chamber. There, you can add eco-friendly detergent. This is a really fun gadget for the tool-loving guy. 

Fun Tool #2: Standard Garden Hose 

This is most suitable for people who don’t like noise from a power pressure washer. The garden hose will still serve the purpose and I promise it can be fun!! 

5 Tips to Having Fun While Cleaning Your Deck or Patio 

Now that you are armed with your favorite water toy, here are some tips on how to spring clean your patio and deck: 

1. Patio Umbrella 

Open up your patio umbrella. If there are moths and spider cocoons on it, blast them off with the help of the garden hose. Scrub the fabric with your favorite detergent. Many homeowners commonly use water and dish detergent.  

Avoid stripping off the umbrella’s water-resistant coating. Place it back on its stand and tighten the stand screws. Now, your umbrella is ready for the entrance of spring. 

2. Outdoor Furniture 

Take a scrubbing solution of ¾ cup beach and one tablespoon of laundry detergent. Mix this solution with one gallon of warm water. Clean your patio and deck furniture using this mixture, which will brighten dingy resin lawn chairs. 

3. Patio Pavers 

Scrub your patio pavers with a bleach solution of 1-part bleach and 10-parts water. This will remove stains that have set-in over the winter. Place outdoor mats in stain-prone areas like under the grill or patio tables to avoid future stains as spring settles in this year. 

4. Outdoor Grills 

Scrub your grill while it’s still warm, yet not hot. Scrape off charred food with a wire brush. You can soak the grates in soapy water for about 30 minutes to loosen up the crud, then scour it with a steel wool scrubber. 

5. Water Features 

Mix bleach and water in a ratio of 1:10, respectfully. The mixture will kill algae and fungus. Scrub scum from the fountains, birdbaths and other yard fixtures with such buildups.  

Have fun. The wetter you are the more the fun! And, it’s even more fun when you wet the kids!!! 

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