shutterstock_26042320Making your own outdoor kitchen may seem daunting, but with a few helpful pieces of advice, you can have a sunny alternative to a traditional way of cooking. Imagine, no more hot evenings in the kitchen, or cramped space. Instead, your culinary skill will flourish in the beauty of your backyard.

How do you get started with you San Antonio outdoor kitchen? Take a look at some of these tips!


Use Durable Materials

The most important thing to never forget when building an outdoor kitchen is already in its name: it’s an outdoor kitchen. That means it is subject to some crazy weather conditions (such as heavy rains) that an indoor kitchen wouldn’t even dream of. This just means that you have to choose the material of your furnishings and items with care. Stainless steel, tile, slate, stone, and stucco are all viable options for your new outdoor kitchen.


Light and Wind

Since the amount and intensity of the sunlight changes day by day and season by season, you are going to want to install some source of lighting so you aren’t completely dependent on the weather. We all know San Antonio is not known for its stable weather! Overhead lights are generally best if that works for your outdoor kitchen design. You can also install a ceiling fan to keep air fresh and moving, which will make things pleasant if you have an outdoor kitchen that is semi-enclosed.


Mini Appliances

Because it probably isn’t going to hold all of your household food, you can choose much smaller appliances than normal for your outdoor kitchen, saving you valuable space and organization stress. They are also much less expensive, so the end result will be much less expensive. They most likely only need to be large enough to handle one meal at a time, so plan your purchases accordingly.


Easy-to-clean Floors and Surfaces

Make sure all the surfaces (floors, countertops, tabletops) are made out of a material that is just as easy to clean as their indoor counterparts. This is even more important outside than it is inside, since grass, dirt, and other outside materials will often be involved. The outdoors is great, but not necessarily in your food!


Storage Space

Never forget the value of extra storage. The fact is, if you don’t have most of the necessary items on hand when you’re cooking outside, you probably won’t utilize the space as often as you would otherwise. This decreases the value of the kitchen in the first place, so why not maximize it instead and plan ahead for proper storage?


Whether it’s pots and pans, portable appliances, plates, and bowls or just your silverware, you should make sure that whatever you use most often will be readily available in your outdoor kitchen. This is especially important if your outdoor kitchen is far away from your indoor kitchen and indoor utensils.


The Sink

Of all the items in your kitchen, you most likely use the sink most of all. Make sure you have some sort of sink, even a small one, to make the outdoor kitchen really worth your while. Nothing will discourage you from using your outdoor kitchen more than a lack of water supply. Whether it’s for washing vegetables, filling a pot with water to boil or even just washing your hands, having a sink on hand will make a world of difference.

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