Built-in seating has been among the top trends in outdoor living designs for a while now. This is according to the American Society of Landscape Architects national surveys. People do spend a lot of their time in outdoor living spaces.  

Traditional furniture doesn’t help much when it comes to change of weather. It also needs to be replaced more often when used outdoors. Built-in outdoor furniture in manufactured to withstand the daily wear and tear of Mother Nature.  

Built-In Seating Design Ideas: 4 Types of Seat Wall Designs 

Built-in outdoor furniture provides a permanent solution to yard seating, and can operate under diverse roles. It can be a place to sit or a functional design element that defines a space itself. 

There are several seat wall designs to choose from for your backyard’s outdoor living space. The following are examples of outdoor living trends for built-in seating in 2018. 

1. Terraced Design 

For this trending design, a wall is used to create a terrace which acts as built-in backrests. The terrace is then embroidered with a seat ledge. 

This will create a curved seating area as the design continues along the wall. You can install outdoor lighting under the seat to provide ambiance during evening gatherings. 

2. Adding Form & Function 

To create more functional outdoor space, a retaining wall or a perimeter wall can easily be converted into built-in seating. You can decide to add a ledge on the perimeter wall to provide a permanent conversation seating area. 

Your fire pit patio can be adjacent to an outdoor bar area. The seat wall is designed to create space for an engaging entertainment zone. 

3. Incorporating Natural Elements 

Using natural elements for your seat wall design works great with manufactured stones and decorative concrete. To add visual interest, natural materials, such as wood, can be integrated into the outdoor seating design. Wooden posts are mainly used for the backrest and seat ledge. 

Natural stones can also be used as stair treads that lead to the back porch. This design can be embellished with planter wall or a raised flower bed. 

4. Fire Pit Seating 

A curved seat wall can be incorporated to synchronize a curved fire pit and curved patio. There is also a unique design where the fire pit patio is built around an L-shaped seat wall that coordinates to the square fire pit in an angular patio design. 

The walls mainly help in the reflection of heat so that there is a cozier provision of the environment. More people can also be accommodated with the bench style seating compared to traditional deck and patio chairs. For more comfort to your seating, add cushions and pillows.  

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