confused girl choosing answerSo you just built a patio or you want to protect your old patio with a high-quality cover.

You have several questions to ask yourself regarding budget, time and durability when it comes to deciding on the proper patio cover for your home.

There are two common patio covers to choose from: wooden and aluminum. The best way to analyze the situation and figure out which option is right for you is to understand the benefits and downsides of each material.

Learn about wooden and aluminum patio covers to protect your patio.


The wooden patio cover

Wooden patio covers offer a natural look and feel to your current patio. Consider getting a wooden patio cover if your current patio is made of wood. This adds a nice combination and it is more pleasing to the eye. Wood patio covers are more durable than aluminum patio covers. This is helpful when you want to hang something from the patio cover. Homeowners enjoy hanging items such as flower pots, bird feeders and even hammocks. A wooden patio cover works wonders for these items. Wood is also cheaper than aluminum, making it a financially wise decision.

Wooden patio covers have various downsides. Wood is more susceptible to natural damage such as termites, rain, wind, mold and other contaminants. This means that you have to maintain your wooden patio covers more frequently. This boosts the long term costs of owning a wooden patio cover.


The aluminum patio cover

Aluminum patio covers usually last longer than wooden patio covers because they do not have problems with moisture, termites, wind and other natural elements. Aluminum patio covers require little maintenance. Simply run a power washer, hose or sponge over the entire cover and it stays clean for an extended period of time.

Aluminum patio covers have various downsides such as the installation costs. Aluminum patio covers take more expertise to install, making it more expensive and difficult to put together. Homeowners tend to enjoy the aesthetics of wood more than aluminum. Aluminum has a cheaper feel and look to it. It also does not hold hanging items very well.

If you are in the market for a patio cover consider how you plan on using your patio cover and if the look and feel of the cover means anything to you. Think about if you like hanging plants or other items from your patio cover. Ask yourself how frequently you plan on cleaning your patio cover. If you do not have time to maintain the cover because of work or school you may be better off with an aluminum cover.


Let us know in the comments if you have any experience with wooden or aluminum patio covers. Share your recommendations and which one you would prefer. 

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