shutterstock_155239016When it comes to dogs (or any pet, for that matter), they love to hang out outside. If you have a patio that keeps you cool during the summer, your dog will likely want to join you.  Whether you are renovating your current patio or have plans to develop one, you are going to want to make sure you can incorporate your Fido into those plans.


As you, a dog owner, probably already know, dogs have a unique set of needs that need to constantly be met. Whether eating, drinking, playing, or pooping, you can take advantage of how well you know your pup and turn it into a backyard doggie dreamland. With careful planning, you can also create something that is also suitable and elegant enough to retain its overall appeal for humans. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Water, water, everywhere

For any pooch to be happy on a hot summer’s day, you are going to need to have a plentiful and constant supply of water. Whether this takes the form of a fountain, a pond, or another type of water feature, your pet probably won’t care too much. If your dog is a natural swimmer, however, then a pool or pond is likely going to please them even more. Just be sure that, if you do have a pond or pool, any dog (swimmers and non-swimmers alike) are able to get out easily if they accidentally fall in.


In general, all that matters is that it’s fresh, clean water — and that it doesn’t take too much work for you or detract from the overall aesthetics of the patio. This is the perfect opportunity to install that fountain you’ve been dreaming of. Just make sure your dog can reach it!

Security is key

Unless you have Shadow from Homeward Bound as a pet, your dog is probably going to need some physical boundaries to keep him or her safe and secure. This is best done with a completely fenced-in backyard or a specific area as the designated ‘dog run.’ If your backyard doesn’t already have a fence, consider your options before going for the simple and unwelcoming chain link fence. You’ll want it to fit your patio and backyard both in function and style, so check out your options and maybe go for a nice wooden fence to keep Buddy in.


Like us, dogs can get sunburn or heatstroke from being in the hot summer sun for too long. Any kind of shade will help your dog out — he or she will instinctively know when it’s time to rest in the cool shade for a while. If there are already trees that give enough shade, you should be set — otherwise you can install a trendy dog house or shade cloth.

Don’t poison your pooch

There are a surprising number of everyday plants that, when consumed by a dog, are poisonous. Check out what these plants are and if you have any of them in your garden. Chemicals can also cause problems. They might come from landscaping processes, such as cocoa mulch (poisonous for dogs), or poison used for pests. Either remove all toxins from the area or make sure your dog can’t access them.


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