If you’ve done Google image searches for “arbors” and “pergolas,” you were probably stuck wondering, “What’s the difference?” Well, although they do have some similarities, they are distinct from each other. Today, we’re going to discuss the pergola vs arbor differences and similarities.

Pergola vs Arbor: Similarities

Both arbors and pergolas can be found in outdoor spaces, such as parks, patios and gardens. Most are manufactured using wood, and include a cross-beam design to act as the roof.

In both cases, if they include sides, they’re made from lattice. They can also both be decorated in various ways, including adding vines or plants.

It’s their uses that actually distinguishes them from one another.

What is a Pergola?

The most common features that set a pergola apart from an arbor is function and size. Pergolas are generally large structures made of wood, with open sides. Because of their sizes, they have no less than four support beams.

A pergola roof’s wooden cross-beams allow for direct sunlight and air to flow through, as they’re spaced fairly far apart. It provides users with an outdoor feeling, while enjoying a shaded area. Pergolas are mostly meant for entertaining groups of people.

Although wood is the most common material used, pergolas can also be made of vinyl, aluminum and steel. Some have no side walls, while others’ walls are lattice. They can be found providing shade along walkways in public places. Pergolas may be freestanding structures, or can be attached to building walls.

What is an Arbor?

An arbor’s size, placement and purpose distinguishes it from a pergola. Arbors are typically placed on entrances, walkways and paths. They are commonly found on garden walkways and garden entrances.

As garden ornaments, arbors tend to feature vines and plants growing on them. They are generally smaller than pergolas, because they’re meant to be walk-through locations, not places to gather.

Most arbors are made of wood. But, aluminum, steel and iron arbors are also becoming popular. They are usually decorated with growing vines and decorative lattice. You’ll find arbors right in the middle of pathways or attached to a fence in order to form a decorative doorway.

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