Halloween has come and gone. Now, it’s time to start planning for the holidays… Thanksgiving and Christmas. For most of us, Thanksgiving is a time for enjoying good food and loads of family and friends. But, for many, the idea of an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner party sounds like an awesome idea.

7 Tips to Planning an Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner Party That Truly Impresses Your Guests

Ready to start a new family tradition for the annual Turkey Day celebration? Well, how about using your outdoor kitchen space to host your dinner party? These seven tips will help you plan the most amazing, unforgettable outdoor Thanksgiving dinner party every!

1. Make Sure There’s a Back-Up Plan

It is important to have a back-up plan if you are planning on having an outdoor gathering during Thanksgiving because the weather may not behave. Your plan should include ways to move everything inside easily if necessary.
Make sure the back-up location is big enough to accommodate all the guests, plus the food. Also, ensure that you recruit a few of the guests to help with the move beforehand so they know their roles.

2. Plan for Bad Weather… Just in Case

Having an outdoor gathering in autumn is tricky because the weather could get windy and it may even rain. Installing a covered patio and purchasing patio curtains will help with blocking the wind and light rain out of your celebration area. A canopy could also do the trick.

3. Have a Plan for Good Lighting

Candles make great centerpieces at the table. They set the mood for an intimate outdoor Thanksgiving dinner party, plus they provide soft lighting for the gathering. String lights and table lamps also offer good lighting and create and entertaining mood and indoor feeling respectively.

4. Start Early… If You Can

Starting early allows you to have the advantage of more daylight. Plus, you are warm because the temperatures are higher than they are in the evening. Hopefully, the sun will shine bright enough to keep you and your guests warm.

5. Prepare the Outdoor Living Space Accordingly

You will want your outdoor living area to look clean and well kept. To achieve this, you should clean your artificial grass, cut your real grass, give your outdoor firepit or fireplace a good cleaning and a safety check. Also, repair the faulty lights so your guests won’t have to eat in the dark.

6. Make Your Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner Party Memorable

Thanksgiving Day can carry a lot of good memories with it. Some ideas of making Thanksgiving memorable while celebrating it outdoors include:
• Change how you cook your meals by preparing them in your outdoor kitchen
• Put together an activity that allows each guest to express what they are most thankful for this year
• Watch old movies that you all love and create a game using trivia questions about the films

7. Generate a Plan So Your Food Stays Warm

For an outdoor dinner parties, the food could get cold before anyone has their second helping because of the weather. If it’s a casual dinner, you could prepare the food and make the guests’ plates inside the house. Then, simply carry the plates outside so everyone can enjoy an outdoor Thanksgiving meal.
However, for a formal gathering, it would be advisable to serve Thanksgiving dinner in a buffet style. Using chafing dishes will help keep your food nice and warm.
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