It is now autumn and winter is lurking fast right around the corner. Your yard and garden need some help during this period. You can’t allow your garden to meet winter head-on without some help. Or, they may find it difficult to fully recover from the harshness of winter.

5 Tips for Making Your Yard & Garden Thrive This Autumn

Your backyard garden needs your help to come out in tip-top shape after winter. So, what can you do to prep your garden for autumn success? The following five tips will be of much help if you choose to be proactive and work your garden.

1. Water Your Garden in The Fall

Pay no attention to the fact that leaves are falling off trees. This is no excuse for not watering your garden. Your lawn will appreciate the nurturing water and reward you with lushness that will make your yard the envy of the street. Watering will strengthen your garden against losses suffered during the preceding hot, dry summer months. This will empower it to thrive during the coming winter season.

2. Fertilize Your Yard During Autumn Months

That is as plain as it reads: fertilize your garden in the fall. It is best to use a fertilizer with the right combinations of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. There are also some really great organic fertilizers on the market for the green-friendly homeowner. The fertilizer must be suitable for your grass type and local soil conditions.

3. Cut the Grass Down Really Short

Long before winter emerges, mow down your grass and remove the dead leaves from the yard. This is because it is much easier to rake out dry leaves than sodden leaves. Meanwhile, cutting down the grass will ensure that overgrown grass does not smother healthy new growth when winter gives way to spring.

4. Get Your Yard and Garden in Shape for Winter Snow

Get your yard and garden ready for snow by removing things that could later cause injury or damage after the snow melts. Get garden hoses, extension cords, rocks and other implements out of your yard or garden before winter falls. This will prevent you from having these things buried under the snow.

5. Reseed in Late Summer or Early Fall and Aerate Your Soil

In order not to waste precious time and seeds, it is best you reseed your garden in late summer or early fall. Your seeds may not germinate or do well in hot and dry summer months. But, they will do well in late summer and early fall when the weather is cooler and damper. Also, be sure to aerate your soil for optimal performance. This is the process of helping air, water and nutrients enter the vegetation easily by putting holes in the surrounding ground and removing soil in plugs.
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