shutterstock_407052382If you have a patio, you have likely been enjoying it throughout the summer and the fall — and perhaps even putting off any maintenance or preparation that needs to be done before winter arrives. Winter is coming, unfortunately, and that means that certain steps need to be taken so that your patio is prepared for the cold weather months.

The key to maintaining a patio during winter months is maintenance. It’s an investment for your future. The better you maintain your patio now, the better it will serve you in the coming springs, summers, and falls. Not only that, but it will also save you time. Since we’re all time-deficient these days, this is likely as good a reason as any to do the proper preparation for the winter.

Let’s look at a simple list of how to prepare your patio for the cold weather.

Cleaning your patio furniture

Before you put your patio furniture away for the winter (likely another task that has been procrastinated longer than it should), you absolutely need to clean it. Whether it’s dirt, moisture, mold, or mildew, you don’t want these problems to get worse throughout the winter. This only makes the furniture unusable or unhealthy to use by the time you’re taking it out again for springtime use. If these problems are left to persist, the furniture could even need to be thrown away, leading to a huge waste of money for something that could have lasted a lot longer.

If your patio furniture is made of plastic, mesh, wicker, or wrought iron, it can be cleaned with dish detergent and water. Simply scrub with this mixture and rinse off with water, then let the furniture air dry for at least a day before you store it away for the winter.

If your furniture is made of wood, use water combined with wood soap. You can get stains off with ammonia, water, vinegar, and baking soda in the right ratios. Always rinse after using any cleaning mixture on any kind of furniture.

Cushions are also important. Be sure they are clean and dry before storing. If you see any rust on metal items, take care of it before winter and winter storage time.

Protecting the patio from the cold

While it’s never possible to completely protect any outside space from the cold weather, there are certain steps you can take.  Even if you don’t have storage available, make sure that the furniture is safe from the elements during the winter. Furniture covers are a common and easy way to keep your furniture safe from snow, rain, and even cold to a certain extent. You can get an entire set of covers to make sure everything is covered.

Regardless of what steps you take to protect your patio furniture, it is important that you do something. That is, unless, you don’t want to keep using the furniture. Remember, clean, bright-looking objects are far more appealing than dirty, grimy ones. If you want to maintain an enjoyable space, it’s important to put in the proper amount of maintenance effort.


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