Preparing your grill space for guestsOne of the things that most people look forward to doing when they have a grill space is entertaining. If you’re planning a grill space and looking to do some serious backyard entertaining, here are some prep ideas that make your space welcoming to your entourage.


The grill – the centerpiece of the outdoor entertainment space. There are so many options: charcoal,  gas, or maybe a dual hybrid model for the best of both worlds. There are some models that even have tri-fuel options so that you can add wood to your types of fuel burning types.

When choosing your grill, decide if you are looking for a permanent placement or something that can be portable. Permanent grills can come with a variety of bells and whistles (and some hefty price tags to boot), but there are also tons of permanent grill options that are both cost effective and will fit the needs of the backyard griller. If looking for a portable option or moveable grill, you can find grills that are a variety of different sizes that can accommodate most any situation.

Pizza Oven

For that outdoor entertainer that wants an alternative to burgers and brats, as well as a stunning eyepiece in their backyard oasis, an outdoor pizza oven would do just that.  An outdoor pizza oven gives you the ability to cook pizza the way it is meant to be cooked. A low dome, high heat model, can provide you with the ability to make great pies, and can be accented with stone or brick to match your outdoor décor.

Where this could be a pretty hefty expense, the addition of an outdoor pizza oven to a backyard entertainment space is equally functional and stunning. If a free standing pizza oven is not in your budget, there are models that fit into standard charcoal kettle grills as well. Or even still, you can buy a pizza stone, put it in your grill and close the top.

Cabinets and Bars

Are you looking to set up an entire outdoor kitchen space? The current trend is stainless steel and provides a durable product with the ability to withstand the weather. Not to mention that they will probably match your grill.

There are also outdoor cabinet options that are being manufactured with the weather in mind. There are cabinets made of waterproof, marine-grade polymer that is low maintenance and comes in a variety of color options to match your décor. Looking for a wood option? Try bamboo or cypress.

If you are looking for more cost-effective options, consider upcycling some thrift store furniture and taking on some do-it-yourself projects to make your grill space personal and unique.  There are plenty of awesome cabinet options that can be created with an old table or cabinet, a fresh coat of paint and some imagination.

Allow your entertainment space to be uniquely yours. Set the table with your own special flare. Make your food the centerpiece or pick up accessories that will wow your company. In the end, it’s about being able to have fun. Enjoying your grill space with great friends is the final objective – do that and have a great time doing it!

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