shutterstock_430035436Anyone in San Antonio knows that the weather is as predictable as the lottery – the sun can be out at one point in the day and then ten minutes later, the sky can break out in torrential rain.

As unpredictable as the weather in San Antonio can be, it is also very diverse. From flooding to extreme heat, the elements can wreak havoc on homes. One subject rarely addressed is when hail damage affects your patio and deck. Whereas rain is common, when hail is predicted in the forecast, its presence can cause substantial damage to a deck or patio. Taking precautions to protect your patio and deck can make the difference between minor damage and being in need of significant repair. Below is some information on how to protect your investment from hail damage.

Material Matters

Your deck or patio’s material can make a huge difference in the actions necessary to protect it. If your deck is made of wood, sealing it can protect it from hail and water damage. If your deck has any stone or concrete elements, covering those elements with a tarp would be a wise way to protect them from direct contact with hail stones. Although this won’t guarantee that a storm with significant hailstones can’t do damage to the surface, using tarps to protect the surface could provide a substantial buffer against hailstones reaching the patio surface.

Multi-Skin Filter Sheets

If you’re looking for a little more security from hail damage, one option would be the use of filter sheets. This will not only give a buffer from any hail storm, it will also provide UV protection and other benefits to the deck or patio. If this is an option you want to consider, an evaluation can be done to see if this is something that will fit the aesthetic of how you want your patio or deck to look.

Be Properly insured

The best way to protect your deck or patio is to make sure that you are properly insured. Whereas homeowners can take precautions to prevent hail damage to their deck or patio, dependent on the scale of the storm, sometimes that damage is unavoidable. Making sure that you have proper homeowner’s insurance that will cover your deck or patio in case of a storm can ensure that your investment will last for years to come.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel that you might have damage to your patio or deck caused by a hail storm, getting someone to properly assess the damage and provide you options for its repair can make the difference between a lasting investment or a colossal flop. Our team of experts can provide an assessment of any weather damage and an appraisal of what it would require to make any repairs. Once that is complete, we can also work with you and your insurance company to complete the repairs with our expert craftsmanship. Please contact us today so that our skills can work for you!


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