What is a patio cover and how can it bring value to your life? It’s a structure that provides shade while attached to your home. It’s generally supported by two columns or posts. The patio cover’s roof may be solid depending or open, depending on the amount of protection from the sun you require.  

In other words… a patio cover allows you to extend the shading benefits of your covered patio. This is because the cover extends even further out, giving your yard even more shade. 

4 Tips for Personalizing Your Patio Cover for the New Year 

Even though most homeowners rarely use their patios in the winter, this is one of the best times to replace, repair or upgrade yours. When hot summer months hit, patio usage will hit the roof. And, that when the costs of building and maintaining your patio goes up as well. 

So, here are some affordable things you can do now, in the winter months, to improve the look of your patio. These four tips will help you personalize your patio cover now: 

1. Personalize the color and style of your patio cover. 

This little change could bring life you to covered patio area. From rural to cozy, from minimalist to garden-themed, for your design inspirations, the sky is the limit. Have your patio cover customized with a folding roof, louvered roof or even a cool roof screen.  

2. Choose the installation technique you prefer. 

There are various ways to install a patio cover. One of the most common installation methods is to mount it right against the façade of the home. Another popular method is to integrate the cover into a structure that already exists. Detached patios are also very popular these days. 

3. Decide on the patio cover size you like. 

Do you have a very large patio that needs a cover? A modular patio cover can be customized to fit any size patio, large or small. With modular solutions, you have the option of extending the size of your patio. These cool gadgets allow you to make it wider and/or longer.  

4. Add other cool finishing touches to your patio cover. 

Have your local custom patio cover designers integrate various accessories and fittings into your plans. Yours can provide shade, and, shield you from the wind with glass sliding panels or screen enclosures.  

Or, add some trendy outdoor curtains and translucent blades for an awesome look and added protection from the sun. And, to make your patio an entertaining area, add some lighting, heating and audio to the mix. 

River City Deck & Patio is a leader in custom patio cover solutions in the San Antonio, TX area. Work with specialists who will help you customize your patio with all of these features and more.  

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