One of the nicest patio floor options is stamped concrete, a popular choice for those who enjoy entertaining outside on their patio. The great part of having a stamped concrete patio is that the flooring looks just as nice as the flooring in an indoor space. Not only that, but it is an economical choice as well: the look of stamped concrete resembles natural stone that is more expensive, trendier, and higher end than “regular” concrete is. Despite all that, stamped concrete comes with a far lower price per square foot — around $5 less per square foot –, and that adds up fast!

Let’s look at some high-quality design ideas for your high-quality patio!

Extra elements

Even if you can afford a higher end natural stone for the “flooring” of your outdoor patio, why not spend less money on the concrete and then spend the remaining money on some nicer furniture and other elements to add to it? Better yet, why not add something entirely new that you wouldn’t have considered before. Perhaps a nice fire pit or a fancy pergola?

Bold borders

If stamped concrete just doesn’t look quite finished enough to you, or if it isn’t quite making enough of a statement for your taste, consider adding a colored border for a subtle pop! This is especially effective if your stamped concrete patio isn’t a “regular” shape such as an oval, rectangle, or square.

Pergola perfection

Adding a pergola to your patio can be surprisingly effective in putting in that missing element to any outdoor space. It not only offers shade on sunny days and shelter on rainy days, but it also adds just enough structure to finish the “look” of your patio. When designed in a way that goes with the rest of the space, it will make your patio look put together and well thought out. If you saved some cash by using stamped concrete instead of natural stone, use that extra money for adding a pergola!


The beauty of stamped concrete is that you can decide on the pattern. Texture is an incredibly important and yet often overlooked element to any patio space (or any space at all, for that matter). It makes a world of difference to go from plain concrete to stamped concrete, especially when ensuring that the flooring of your patio goes with the overall aesthetic of your home.

Stains are good

Another way to personalize stamped concrete is to use staining to your unique advantage. Whether it is adding a few subtle accents to nicely put the natural look of the stamped concrete together with the overall look of your space, or it is using brighter stained colors to make it bright and bold, staining can be a useful tool for making your patio look exactly the way you want it.

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