shutterstock_364306454Having nice, cozy furniture is a must if you want your outdoor living experience to be satisfying.  The right outdoor furniture could have you and your family spending time outdoors on a regular basis. Enjoying this experience also means you have to take good care of the furniture, so it last a long time and remains comfortable.

You may want to keep your furniture inside or use a cover to ensure it lasts. You do not have to, however. Below are some ideas for various types of outdoor furniture.

Protecting your wood furniture

Wood just doesn’t hold up very long before it begins to look a little rough which may be a preference for some. Even so, wood can deteriorate which is more of a reason you need to properly care for this type of furniture.

Here is an option for keeping your wood furniture in tip top shape. Once a year, wash the wood with a gentle combination of soap and water. Combine one tablespoon of bleach, a gallon of water and five tablespoons of a nonirritating dishwashing liquid. Then, gently brush the surface with a soft bristle brush. Once you are finished, rinse very well and give it some time to dry in the sun.

Certain types of wood require treatments with stain, paint or oil. It is always a good idea to read the instructions that come with your furniture to make sure you make the best choice when caring for it. Since you don’t want to plop down on your furniture and end up crashing to the ground due to a loose screw or so on, it is wise to check the hardware on your furniture to make sure nothing needs to be tightened or replaced.

How to protect metal furniture

For a nice stylish touch, metal furniture will do the trick in any outdoor setting. Metal is flexible, long lasting and requires very little maintenance. Cleaning metal furniture is simple and can be done with a mix of soap and water. If you have aluminum furniture, it likely has a coating that protects it from harm. In this case, all you have to do is clear away the marks using a non-irritating cleanser. If your furniture is exposed to salt water, a cleaning every 4 weeks is best.

Rust can easily be removed from metal using fine grit sandpaper and follow up with a coat of rust-resistant metal paint.

Taking care of wicker

Some types of wicker are only good for covered patios or outdoor spaces. In order to have wicker furniture outdoors, you need what is called “all-weather wicker.” To keep this up to par you need to clean it often regardless of what kind of wicker you have. You can do this using a vacuum cleaner that has a brush or a damp rag. With all-weather wicker furniture all you need is a gentle soap mix and a water hose.

Plastic or Resin furniture

People looking for an inexpensive and easy to move solution for outdoor furniture often like resin. Clean your plastic furniture with water and gentle soap, then wash it off and let it dry. When faced with nasty, mildew on your furniture use ¾ cup bleach and one tablespoon laundry detergent in a gallon of water and rub on with a cloth. The same solution can be used for mesh furniture.

Don’t forget to think about your safety when cleaning your furniture as well. Always wear rubber gloves!


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