shutterstock_69930088 (1)If you have an enclosed patio, you already understand the benefits of choosing it for your home, especially during beautiful San Antonio summers. However, you may be looking for more ways to enjoy the one you have so you can maximize its potential.


If you are looking into getting an enclosed patio for your house, you are probably wondering what kinds of things you can do in one. So what is the best way to enjoy an enclosed patio? And what is it about an enclosed patio that makes it so wonderful? We have put together some of our favorite ways and reasons for enjoying an enclosed patio.


The Bugs

In a place like Texas, the number one problem with a regular, screenless patio is bugs. Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, moths, and other pesky critters are bound to send you back inside – especially if you have the light on, which only attracts more of their friends. What good is having an amazing patio outside if you’re never able to sit in it and enjoy it?


This is where enclosed patios come in. Since they are completely surrounded by screens, bugs are unable to get in. You can listen to the peaceful sound of crickets chirping around you without being rudely interrupted by numerous whining mosquitoes in your ears. You can have a light or two on without a swarm of moths and other bugs buzzing around you. Are you starting to see why we love enclosed patios?


The Breeze

The other great thing about hanging out in an enclosed patio at night is enjoying an ice-cold beer or lemonade while the cool breeze touches your skin to cool you down from the heat of the day. Summertime is hot and sometimes miserable, but those hot days often lead to splendid nights. Take advantage of those evenings by getting an enclosed patio!


You can also install ceiling fans into your enclosed patio, making the air move even if there is no breeze that day. There is somehow a pleasantness to an outside breeze cooling you down rather than the inside air conditioning or a fan doing the job. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors without getting destroyed by the heat – and that sounds pretty good to us!


The Connection

The other cool thing about an enclosed patio is that it allows you to have a connection to your backyard without committing to sitting in the grass or by your poolside. If your kids want to go play outside, you can enjoy the comfort of being inside while still connected and able to hear them as if you were outside with them. You can watch what they are doing and talk with them, but you don’t have to give up your own comfort to do it. In our opinion, the best way to spend an afternoon in your backyard is by lounging in an enclosed patio.



Our most favorite way to spend time in an enclosed patio is to eat a meal with family there. Even if the meal is cooked normally inside, the food can easily be brought out to enjoy together in the lovely weather. The sun won’t be beating down on you, plus those pesky flies won’t even have a chance of getting to your food. Once again, the convenience of the inside meshes perfectly with the comfort and enjoyment of being outside.

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