backyard deck areaSo you just spent some money putting a brand-new deck in your front or back yard. Now you want to make sure that the deck remains intact and you can use it for years to come. This is not always an easy task because decks are typically made out of wood and they degrade after a certain period of time due to weather and other factors. That said, there are several ways to protect your deck so that contaminants don’t ruin the surface and make it unusable in the future.

Let’s take a look at some unique ways to protect your deck besides getting a warranty, which is always a good idea, but it’s not exactly a unique way to protect things.


Seal the Heck Out of the Deck

This might seem like common sense, but some people like to save money by not ceiling their deck after it is installed. This is a big no-no, because sealant is the only way to keep rain and other weather problems from degrading the quality of your deck over the years. You might even consider resealing your deck every one or two years to make sure that it has a protective layer at all times.


Pressure Wash Your Deck Regularly

Running a broom or mop along your deck is not always the best way to clean it. Consider renting or purchasing a pressure washer every year to get rid of all of the contaminants on your deck. You might not be able to see some of the things that have matted themselves onto your deck until you bring in a power washer. Consider power washing the deck before a harsh winter and for spring cleaning to get ready for people to enjoy.


Keep Animals Off The Deck

Sure you might have a dog or cat that walks on your deck on a daily basis, but it might be a good idea to keep them off the deck. Their claws and teeth can actually degrade your deck and make it a lot more difficult to repair in the future. This isn’t always reasonable so you should at least make sure that wild animals they offer deck by implementing traps or repellents that keepaway tests such as rats or raccoons or squirrels. These tests bring foreign materials onto the deck and can even chew away at the wood, making it less valuable.


Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and let us know if you use any unique methods for protecting your brand-new deck. Explain different methods that other people can use to keep their deck and home looking beautiful for years to come. These tips might just improve someone’s property value and help them down the road.

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